GlassParency Silica Waterless Wash - 16 oz.

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Wash anywhere!

Don't limit your gloss to when you have the perfect opportunity to wash. GlassParency Silica Waterless Wash unlocks the limitations of traditional washes with a blend of lubricants and silica. This unique blend gives GlassParency Silica Waterless Wash the ability to maintain a slick and glossy finish from any locations. This makes GlassParency Silica Waterless Wash perfect for areas with water restrictions! While this does help keep your car clean, it also helps maintain your protection. The added silica boosts your underlying protection and keeps your paint slick!

VERSATILE! Waterless wash, rinseless wash, or clay lube. It does it all!
Don't be limited with your options for washing! GlassParency Silica Waterless Wash provides you with multiple solutions. Wash mild amounts of dirt and contamination off without being tied down by the traditional wash restrictions. Need a clay lube? You're covered. The heavy concentration of lubricants in GlassParency Silica Waterless Wash makes this a versatile product to have in your detailing arsenal.

BOOST! Clean and maintain your current paint protection with ease!
GlassParency Silica Waterless Wash is more than just a cleaner. While it works to maintain a freshly detailed appearance it's simultaneously laying down a layer of hydrophobic protection. Each application coats your paint in a thin layer of silica. This adds UV protection while increasing the surface tension for more water beading and resistance to contamination.

Slick! Infused silica effortlessly adds a slick and glossy feel to painted surfaces!
We couldn't miss an opportunity to highlight the gloss and slickness that GlassParency Silica Waterless Wash adds to the surface. The combination of cleaning power and silica protection work to create a clean finish that drips with gloss. When combined with a premium paint protectant like GlassParency Graphene Coating, you'll simply be left in awe.


  • Spray directly onto light- to mildly-contaminated paint surface.
  • Using a high piled/quality microfiber folded into eights, wipe in a singular direction.
  • It's important to continuously fold open microfiber to a clean, unused section with each pass.
  • After the entire vehicle or section has been wiped down, use a new clean microfiber to gently buff the surface to a streak- and residue-free surface.

16 oz.

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