P&S EPIC Waterless Wash - 16 oz.

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EPIC shine – no water required!

Did you know you don't need a bucket to do a wash? P&S EPIC Waterless Wash enables you to do just that. Without a bucket, fancy foam guns, or even a hose! P&S EPIC Waterless Wash allows you to achieve a glossy shine without breaking out all the tools. From fingerprints to dust and road grime, P&S EPIC Waterless Wash safely and effectively removes contamination with a simple spay and wipe technique. Need more cleaning power? P&S EPIC Waterless Wash works as a rinseless wash too! The blend of lubricants and rich polymer gloss intensifiers will remove contamination while leaving nothing but gloss behind!

SIMPLE! Wash your paint wherever you're at, no bucket required!
You probably won't run into a wash station right before that car show. And we're sure you won't want to chance taking your ride into any random coin operated wash bay. This is where P&S EPIC Waterless Wash comes into play. No specials tools required. Simply pack up your P&S EPIC Waterless Wash and some plush waterless wash towels and head to the show. P&S EPIC Waterless Wash is so simple you can wash your ride right on the stage!

PERFECT FINAL TOUCH! Remove light dust, fingerprints, whatever is impeding your perfect gloss!
There can't be much worse of a feeling than pulling up at your local car show with smudges and fingerprints blocking out that perfect gloss. Whether it's at the car show, when you pull into a parking lot, those small little details are the first thing that pops out at you. A bottle of P&S EPIC Waterless Wash and a few microfiber towels is the perfect remedy for this. Within a few minutes you can have your car right back at show car status!

SAFE! This lubricant heavy formulation is paint safe and perfect for glass and trim as well!
I know, it may sound a little odd that you can get a wash right from this bottle, but it's the truth. Since 1960 P&S has been crafting car care solutions that solve real world problems, and P&S EPIC Waterless Wash is one of them. The lubricious formulation along with its rich polymer blend allow P&S EPIC Waterless Wash to safely wipe away contamination and leave you with nothing but a glossy, satisfying shine.

16 oz.

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