2.5 AMP FLEX PXE AP Amp Battery

Item Description:

12 Volt 2.5 Amp Hours

Provides up to 20 minutes of battery life

Lithium-ion battery equipped with EMS Electronic manager System

Direct OEM Part for the FLEX PXE 80

The FLEX PXE 12V/2.5 Cordless Battery is a 2.5-amp hour lithium-ion battery used to power your mighty FLEX PXE! The FLEX PXE 12V/2.5 Cordless Battery runs at 12 volts, providing you with 20 minutes of battery life. Built in Phase Change Material (PCM) ensures the battery is cool while working, as well as extending working time and overall battery life. This, combined with the Electronic Management System (EMS) provide protection to both the battery and the tool as well as the highest amount of efficiency for a lithium-ion battery!

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