FLEX 5 Amp Cordless Battery

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Compatible with all Cordless FLEX Tools!

Heavy-duty, Lithium-Ion battery

Phase Change Material (PCM) for cooler usage

18 volts

Power all of your cordless FLEX tools with the FLEX 5 Amp Cordless Battery. Designed with the highest quality Lithium Ion cells, the FLEX 5 AMP Cordless Battery features 18 volts can power even your heaviest tools for up to 1 hour!

FLEX 5 Amp Cordless Battery features:
• Intelligent Electronic Management System - by using a programmed system that prevents the battery from overcharging or otherwise malfunctioning, the FLEX 5 Amp Cordless Battery provides an efficient source of power for your cordless tools.
• Fuel Gauge - Keep an eye on your power level with the LED battery life display.
• Dust/Water Protection - With an IX6 rating, the FLEX 5 Amp Cordless Battery is protected against damage that can come from extended polishing sessions.

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