Duragloss Rubber & Flat Black Dressing (RBD) #271

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Item Description:

Restore a flat back appearance to trim and bumpers!

Low luster dressing for flat black automotive surfaces.

Cleans as it is applied for proper bonding.

Water-resistant formula will not wash off in the rain.

Duragloss Rubber & Flat Black Dressing contains a blend of polymeric synthetic polymers in a solvent base. RBD #271 cleans and shines rubber bumpers and moldings, and is recommended for flat black surfaces. Its solvent base lifts old dressings in order for the silicone polymers to bond better with the rubber. Once applied, Duragloss Rubber & Flat Black Dressing enhances the dark color and restores the like-new luster to these surfaces.

8 oz.

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