Duragloss 321 Non Silicone Tire Dressing

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Protect and enhance tires with this silicone-free formula.

Creates a deep, rich finish on tires and rubber.

Safe for use on vinyl and leather.

100% silicone-free.

Duragloss Non Silicone Tire Dressing restores the luster and beauty to vinyl, leather, and tires. It is body shop safe and contains absolutely no silicone. Silicones found in tire dressings gradually dry out and may discolor rubber. While they look great initially, the long term effect on tires has led most manufacturers to produce a non-silicone tire dressing. Though silicone is credited with giving dressings their high gloss, newer formulations of water-based dressings are able to produce an impressive shine with good longevity. Duragloss Non Silicone Tire Dressing is so safe and effective, you can use it on vinyl and leather, as well as rubber. Its non-silicone formula enhances the luster without being slippery or greasy. The finish will not attract dust or sling off of tires.

19 oz. trigger spray

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