DP Quick Coat - 12 oz.

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The quickest way to coat your car!

DP Quick Coat is an SiO2-infused paint coating designed to provide incredible levels of shine, gloss, and clarity while also protecting your paint from environmental contaminants. Extremely easy to apply and featuring a protection period of up to 12 months, DP Quick Coat is applied in minutes and provides extreme levels of water beading and sheeting. When you don't have tons of time but still need long lasting protection, DP Quick Coat is the way to go!

Silicon dioxide is quickly becoming the favorite protective ingredient in detailing products – and for good reason! SiO2 ingredients provide a unique “hard" shine to your painted surfaces and promote increased hydrophobicity – meaning surface contamination such as dirt, debris, and dust make less of an impact. DP Quick Coat is an SiO2-based products, making it the right choice for protection and shine!

DP Quick Coat, again thanks to it's SiO2 ingredients, provides protection that will last up to 12 months. 12 MONTHS! DP Quick Coat isn't a paint sealant or a carefully-applied paint coating – it's just a spray-on, wipe-off product that provides up to a year's worth of protection! We're not sure many other products similar to DP Quick Coat could say the same!

Aside from the long-lasting shine that DP Quick Coat provides, it also provides superior chemical resistancy. This means that your paint will be less likely to be affected by chemical changes caused by iron particles, industrial fallout, and the like, simply because it's been treated by DP Quick Coat!


  • Fully wash and dry vehicle.
  • Spray DP Quick Coat directly onto the surface and immediately wipe away using a microfiber towel.
  • Flip to a new side of your towel and buff away any excess product.
  • If more gloss and protection is desired, you can apply an additional coat after 24 hours.

12 oz.

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