DP Graphene Quick Detailer - 12 oz.

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Detail with the power of Graphene!

Featuring protective and ultra-shiny Graphene ingredients, DP Graphene Quick Detailer is unlike any other detail spray you've used before. Rather than a traditional detail spray that imparts a warm carnauba glow or sleek SiO2 shine, the DP Graphene Quick Detailer creates a durable layer of protection that shines bright and hard, while also removing surface contamination from your vehicle. Perfect as a maintenance product on Graphene coatings, the DP Graphene Quick Detailer is easy to use and finishes with a streak-free shine every time!

Graphene is a synthetic material designed to provide exceptional results as a barrier between two surfaces – perfect for the detailing industry! DP Graphene Quick Detailer not only removes surface contamination that dulls your shine, it also creates a strong layer of protection against those same elements, preventing bonding and further marring.

Just because you may not have much experience with Graphene based products (they're relatively new to the market!) doesn't make them hard to apply. DP Graphene Quick Detailer is sprayed directly onto the surface and wiped away using a microfiber towel. That's it! No complicated wait times or curing necessary!

Unlike other detail sprays, DP Graphene Quick Detailer finishes with a streak-free shine that doesn't require extra elbow grease or effort on your part. But remember, despite this easy application, DP Graphene Quick Detailer provides a strong, shining finish!


  • Shake well before use.
  • Spray DP Graphene Quick Detailer directly onto the surface to be treated.
  • Immediately wipe away using a clean microfiber buffing towel.
  • Flip to fresh side of your microfiber towel and buff surface to a high shine.

12 oz.

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