DP Detailing Products Poli-Coat Spray Sealant

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Spray to seal!

DP Poli-Coat Spray Sealant provides months of deep and glossy shine and places a protective barrier between your surface and environmental contaminants. This surface will also have hydrophobic properties and provide all the benefits of a traditional paint sealant, but in a faster and easy-to-use application style.

PROTECTION! Protect against contaminants and against water spots!
DP Poli-Coat Spray Sealant is formulated with a long-lasting polymer base that provides a deep and glossy shine that last you not weeks, but months. DP Poli-Coat Spray Sealant produces a deeper depth of shine than other protectants. This product also provides a layer of hydrophobicity, so your car will bead water. Water beading is beneficial to keeping water from drying on your car's surface and preventing water spots, especially those brimming with contaminants.

A GREAT LOOK, THAT LASTS! A long-lasting, deep, glossy shine!
DP Poli-Coat Spray Sealant is made from polymer technology, so it designed to provide a longer shine. The protection supplied by DP Spray Sealant provides a stronger barrier against harsh contaminants such as acid rain, bug guts, bird droppings, dirt, dust and other environmental factors.

EASY-TO-USE! All the power in one spray bottle!
All you have to do is spray and then spread and buff with clean microfiber towels. DP Poli-Coat Spray Sealant, amongst its other benefits, saves you time and money. Plus, DP Poli-Coat Spray Sealant makes cleaning your car easier with its slick surface and the last of embedded contaminants.


  • Apply on a cool surface, out of direct sunlight
  • Working one section at a time, spray surface to be treated with DP Poli-Coat Spray Sealant.
  • Using a clean microfiber towel, spread the product across the section in an even layer.
  • Use another clean microfiber towel to buff that section to a high shine.
  • Continue to do these steps around the entire vehicle.

16 oz.

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