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Paint protection for the future!

DP Poli-Coat Paint Sealant is a paint protection product that provides a long-lasting, deep shine on all types of painted surfaces. With DP Poli-Coat Paint Sealant, protect your paint from UV rays, bird droppings and insect remains. DP Poli-Coat Paint Sealant leaves your paint with a slick finish, making it easier to clean and better in preventing water from drying on the surface.

PROTECTION! Polymer based protection will keep your paint safe from future contaminants.
Highly effective polymers work their scientifically engineered magic to keep your paint safe from future contaminants. DP Poli-Coat Paint Sealant acts like a shield between your car's surface and the outside elements. This includes the sun's harmful UV rays, bird droppings and insect remains.

GLOSSY! The end result will be a long-lasting, deep gloss finish.
DP Poli-Coat Paint Sealant not only protects, but it truly shines. The surface itself will give off a slick feel, letting you know just how contaminant free your surface is. Having a slick surface also makes it easier to clean, with less chance of marring. Plus, a slick surface will prevent water from drying on the surface and creating water spots.

EASY TO USE! All you need is the product, a foam applicator and microfiber towel
DP Poli-Coat Paint Sealant is easy to use with it's simple two step formula and with the use of only three products/tools. Just add DP Poli-Coat Paint Sealant to your foam applicator and then apply to the car. However, it's important that your car is properly washed and dried before using this product.


  • Shake well!
  • Wash your car using proper washing techniques and the appropriate products.
  • Dry your car thoroughly with clean, dry microfiber towels.
  • If needed, clay and polish the paint to remove any imperfections.
  • Shake DP Poli-Coat Paint Sealant before use.
  • Apply several dime size drops of product onto a foam wax applicator.
  • Evenly apply to the surface.
  • Allow to dry to a haze.
  • Wipe away using a clean, microfiber buffing towel.

16 oz.

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