Dimondite Glass Sealant - 8 oz.

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Seal in your glass for every season!

Diamondite Glass Sealant provides an easy solution to sealing your glass. If you're concerned with the more complicated application of a ceramic coating, then Diamondite Glass Sealant is the perfect alternative! Diamondite provides a simple spray on, wipe off application that provides months of protection! This simple application provides up to 6 months of hydrophobic glass protection! This ultra-slick surface sheets off water as well as defends against the constant onslaught of road grime. Unlike competing products, Diamondite Glass Sealant will not cause your windshield wipers to skip or chatter when you need to use them. However, with the extreme hydrophobicity you may not even need to use them! Diamondite Glass Sealant is ultra-concentrated and can provide these amazing benefits to up to 30 vehicles!

How do you seal a windshield?

Sealing your windshield or other glass surfaces, such as windows and sunroofs, is a fairly simple process with the right product. Some glass coatings involve more prep work for a proper application, however, glass sealants such as Diamondite are a much easier process. Just like a spray wax or spray sealant, Diamonidte only needs to be sprayed onto the surface and wiped away. That's it!

What do glass sealants do?

Glass sealants create a higher surface tension on your glass to improve the hydrophobics. This allows water to evacuate quickly while driving and improve visibility during inclement weather. While this is great for driving in the rain, Diamondite Glass Sealant also helps keep your windshield cleaner. The increased surface tension helps keep dirt, road grime, and water-spotting from sticking to your glass.

How long do glass sealants last?

Glass sealants such as Diamondite Glass Sealant last for months! Diamondite Glass Sealant specifically can last up to 6 months depending on the environment the vehicle is in. There are a few factors to consider when you think about the lifespan of a glass sealant.

  • Amount of time you glass is exposed to weather, such as rain and sun exposure
  • How frequently you use your windshield wipers
  • The impact from bugs, tar, and tree sap
  • Road grime build up
  • And the amount of minerals or “hardness" of the water you use to wash.

How to seal and protect you glass with Diamondite Glass Sealant

  1. For best results, first use Diamondite Glass Polish to remove any road grime, water spots, or any old glass sealants from the surface.
  2. Working in a 2 x2 sq. ft. area, spray Diamondite Glass Sealant directly onto the surface and wipe it immediately away using a clen microfiber towel.
  3. Continue until all glass is sealed.

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