Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Glass Coating

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Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Glass Coating creates an optically clear layer of crystallized protection on your automobile's windshield and exterior glass. Diamond Glass Coating is super hydrophobic, meaning that water runs off quickly, so you no longer have to fear driving in the rain. Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Glass Coating also prevents road oil, film, grease and dirt from attaching to the glass, so your vision stays clear no matter what the road ahead has in store. Each 4-ounce container of Pinnacle Black Label Glass Paint Coating will coat all of your exterior glass up to 15 times.. Built around the latest in self-crystallizing, nano-glass ceramic technology, a single application of Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Glass Coating will last up to 18 months. Black Label Diamond Glass Coating is the ultimate in functional performance and long-lasting protection. The idea of applying a glass-like coating to glass may seem strange at first. The crystallized, glass-like shell created by Black Label Diamond Glass Coating fills in the microscopic pits or pours that are inherent to glass, forming an ultra-smooth finish which improves optical clarity. This revolutionary coating has an extremely slick finish which is impenetrable to environmental contaminants and pollutants. Road oil and grease will slide off the glass and wipe away easily with regular cleaning. You will no longer struggle to see through road film. The hard, crystal-like shell is more resistant to rock chips and windshield wiper abrasion. Black Label Diamond Glass Coating is incredibly easy to applyThe ultra-smooth surface created by Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Glass Coating actually has a very even texture, which is only visible at the highest microscopic magnifications. This beyond-fine texture promotes a super hydrophobic effect. Water and moisture will pool into extremely-tight, sphere-like, beads which quickly run from the surface. This extreme water repellancy will keep your vision clear in the heaviest rainstorms. Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Glass Coating was tested extensively in South Florida's tropical climate. Apply to clean exterior glass, that is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight. Polish the glass first using Pinnacle GlassWork Water Spot Remover. Spray Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Glass Coating directly on to a foam applicator and spread evenly over a section of glass using overlapping strokes. Allow to set for 60 seconds and then remove excess by lightly buffing with a microfiber towel. Repeat until the glass has been completely coated. Do not expose to rain or moisture for 12 hours. 4 oz.
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