CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo 1 Liter

Item Description:

Reset your car's shine with this coating specific shampoo!

Developed for use with CARPRO Paint Coatings

Highly concentrated: dilutes 1:500

Powerful, pH-neutral formula

CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo is a powerful, high-foaming car soap designed to work with nanotechnology paint sealants and coatings. The cleaning action of CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo has been carefully tailored to meet their cleaning needs. CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo quickly breaks dirt, road grime and scummy film, while maintaining the gentle surface care of a pH-neutral shampoo.

Paint that has been protected with the latest in advanced paint coatings, such as CARPRO CQUARTZ, will have unique cleaning needs. Traditional shampoos may clog the microscopic surface texture with wax, silicone or other gloss enhancers, which will reduce the coating's natural water beading and dirt shedding. CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo is designed to rinse completely clean, leaving the coated surface intact and performing optimally.

The wax and silicone found in some car soaps not only reduce a nano coating's ability to shed water, but may actually compromise it's durability. The paint coating will wear faster as dirt, grime and contamination build up on the surface. CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo cleans these with the power of an alkaline soap, then rinses off the surface completely. You paint coatings inherent dirt-shedding ability is restored, along with its beauty and depth of shine.

CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo is highly concentrated! It dilutes 1:500 with water to create a powerful shampoo designed to rid your vehicle of any type of road grime. This amazing formula uses Intelligent pH Surfactants to provide strong cleaning power, while remaining pH-neutral in use. Void of any sodium, lauryl sulfate, wax, polymers, silicones or gloss enhancers, CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo cleans and restores your coating's brilliance and performance.

  1. Fill wash bucket with approximately 4-5 gallons of water, adding 1-1.35 ounces of Reset. Activate suds and mix solution with a jet of water.
  2. Pre-rinse vehicle with free-flowing water to remove loose grime. Wash from the top down using a soft wash mitt or sponge, rinsing the mitt periodically in a second bucket filled with clear water.
  3. Do not allow Reset to dry on the surface. After washing, rinse vehicle thoroughly with free-flowing water. Dry with a soft microfiber towel or forced-air blower.
  4. If necessary, use CARPRO Reload or CARPRO Hydro2 to add additional shine and protection.
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Product Reviews

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13 Reviews
92% (12)
8% (1)
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100% Recommend this product (13 of 13 responses)
By Kevin
Great soap for coated paint
September 14, 2021
Have tried several dedicated soaps for coating and this seems to work the best
  • Cleans very well..
  • none
By Martin
Pflugerville, TX
Must Have Shampoo
December 1, 2020
Reset is the best smelling shampoo I have ever used. It's not overpowering and very nice. The shampoo is very slick, has great cleaning ability, and foams very well. It is just such a pleasure to use. Carpro really nailed it with this, as they do with everything they make.
By Javier
April 28, 2020
Carpro made their name doing good quality products like this one !
  • Economic accordingly with the dilution rate!
By peter
Ben Avon, PA
My favorite shampoo
April 20, 2020
Excellent cleaning power, nice smell, good lubricity, and no unwanted wax or sealants. This is important if you want to apply your own wax or sealant after washing.
By Omar
My go to shampoo
March 1, 2020
Best shampoo better then Adams shampoo.
By Yogi
Washington, DC
great soap
February 24, 2020
This stuff really helps with protecting the coating. It creates tons of suds, and wipes off easily. There is a bit of residue left behind, but comes off with a microfiber towel after you dry it.
By Yuan
best lubricity
May 12, 2019
create tons of suds, use it for my ceramic coated vehicle, smells good
By John
By far my favorite car soap
March 5, 2019
CarPro Reset is by far my favorite soap to use. Great lubricity, smells wonderful, cleans well... I love everything about it except the price. If it wasn't so expensive I'd use it on every wash, but due to the price I don't use it all the time. But when I want the best, I always go for this!
By Zack
One of the best
January 26, 2019
Definitely one of the better recommended shampoos for coated vehicles. I have noticed on some coated vehicles I see, that it does have the ability to bring back some hydrophobic properties.I prefer this of Gyeon Bathe.
  • Great Lubricity
  • Foaming ability in both bucket (preferred) and foam cannon
  • Rinses free and doesn't leave anything behind
  • High Concentrate( I use about an ounce in 4 gallons of water.)
  • Little Pricey
By rlmccarty2000
Fitzgerald, GA
The Best
July 13, 2018
It’s hard to say something is the “best” but I believe Reset is the best in the shampoo for coated cars category. The price per use is good and the results are great. This is a pure shampoo that leaves nothing behind to clog up the pores of your expensive coating.
  • Doesn’t come in gallon sizes.
By Dimitry
Roselle, IL
Must need for coatings!
January 5, 2017
I've had 22ple on my car for about 8 months, and regularly wash with Hyper Wash. As this is a great weekly wash I felt like my coating started having much less hydrophobic properties as it initially had. After mixing Reset to the proper ratio not only did it glide and clean great it restored the coatings properties!
  • Does what it says
  • Good dilution ratio
  • Glides well on surface
By ken
Car Shampoo
September 26, 2016
Great soap to use before wax, sealant or coating..
By Michael
Lawndale, CA
Great for coatings
January 27, 2016
This is my go to soap on a coated vehicle. It removes any remnants from the detail spray that I use as a drying aid or just to give the coating some life. Very low dilution ration making it economical. It foams up pretty well in a foam gun. It is a great soap to "reset" the coating on the vehicle.