Marine 31 Gel Coat Heavy-Cut Cleaner Wax

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Marine 31 Gel Coat Heavy-Cut Cleaner Wax is the heavy-duty solution for refinishing and protecting your gel-coat finish. Marine 31 Gel Coat Heavy-Cut Cleaner Wax utilizes an advanced combination of aggressive abrasive polishing agents, cleaning agents, nourishing oils, and premium wax protection to restore what the sea environment takes away. This one-step solution removes heavy oxidation, cloudiness, scratches, and stains from gel coat while imparting a high-gloss protective wax finish. Your boat is constantly bombarded by the tough sea environment. Water, salt, and sunlight will damage the gel coat finish and cause it to oxidize. Oxidized gel coat looks dull and lifeless; it cannot be restored with a regular wax. Marine 31 Gel Coat Heavy-Cut Cleaner Wax features abrasive polishing granules that cut through oxidation, restoring the gel coat's original luster. These abrasives, in combination with specialized cleaning agents, remove any stains that scar an otherwise perfect gel coat. With Marine 31 Gel Coat Heavy-Cut Cleaner Wax, the impressive cleaning power is only one part of this product's ability. Heavy-Cut Cleaner Wax leaves behind a durable layer of wax protection that has been fortified with the most powerful UV absorbers available. The absorbers protect the gel coat from the sun's damaging ultraviolet radiation. In fact, UVA and UVB radiation is the number one cause of oxidation on your boat's surfaces. With the highly reflective nature of water, your boat is under constant attack! Not only does the wax protection in Marine 31 Gel Coat Heavy-Cut Cleaner Wax work hard to prevent oxidation, it creates a highly water repellent barrier. Because it polishes the surface smooth as it protects, bacteria, mold, mildew, and sea creatures have nothing to attach to. Keeping your hull clean and protected will help it glide through the water with ease, reducing drag and fuel consumption. Oxidation and staining is a normal part of sea life. Polishing your boat's faded gel coat with Marine 31 Gel Coat Heavy-Cut Cleaner Wax will restore the luster to your boat's finish and prevent further oxidation form occurring. Marine 31 Gel Coat Heavy-Cut Cleaner Wax is friendly to the environment. Directions:
  1. Shake well before using and ensure surface is cool to the touch.
  2. Apply an “X" of product directly onto cutting foam pad on a dual-action polisher or a cutting foam or wool pad on a rotary polisher. Spread product over a 2' by 2' area.
  3. Set polisher to a higher speed setting and work product until it turns clear. Remove residue with a microfiber towel.
A Word From the Captain's Chair: For more protection you can apply Marine 31 Gel Coat Carnauba Wax & Sealant directly on top of Marine 31 Gel Coat Heavy-Cut Cleaner Wax. Maintain your boat's gel coat with any of Marine 31's carnauba based washes for a powerful system that has been engineered to keep your boat looking its best! Anchors up! 16 oz. Made in USA
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