BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Gel -32 oz.

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Say farewell to ferrous contamination

BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Gel is a thick, viscous formulation of BLACKFIRE's extremely popular iron remover. The thicker formulation of BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Gel provides increased dwell time for stubborn or neglected surfaces. Once you spray BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Gel on the surface, you'll see it get to work nearly immediately. Once contact is made with ferrous contamination, BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Gel will change colors to a red or purple depending on the level of contamination.

Thick consistency! The thicker formulation provides increased dwell time
The increased viscosity in the formulation of BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Gel provides and increased dwell time, perfect for heavily contaminated surfaces such as wheels! Brake dust can sometimes be one of the most difficult contaminants to remove.

Chemically dissolves ferrous contaminants! BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Gel doesn't just remove, it destroys iron!
By chemically removing iron contaminants, you're actually preventing possible damage. If you scrub aggressively when cleaning your wheels, the now free iron particles become an abrasive, scratching the surface. BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Gel chemically breaks down brake dust leaving you wheels clean and scratch free!

Simple application! Spray, wait, wipe. That's all that's need to chemical decontaminate your vehicle
No buffing, rubbing, or elbow grease required. The chemistry behind BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Gel removes iron contaminants without any manual labor. Simply spray BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Gel on the surface, wait a few moments for it to do its magic, and rinse or wipe the surface clean. That's it!


*Do NOT use on anodized aluminum or any other surface that is not clear coated.*

  • Apply only on cool surfaces and out of direct sunlight.
  • Spray BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Gel directly onto the painted surface and allow to dwell.
  • As the product comes into contact with iron particles, you'll see the color start to change.
  • Once the color has changed, the product can be safely rinsed away. DO NOT allow product to dry on the surface.
  • Continue around the entirety of the vehicle.

32 oz

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