BLACKFIRE Bug Remover - 32 oz.

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Removes acidic insect remains

Can be used full strength, or diluted

Formulated with clear coat safe cleaning agents

Can be used as a spot treatment or as part of the wash process

Eliminates dangerous bug debris from your paint!

Blackfire Bug Remover can be used to remove the incredibly acidic insect remains that always find their way onto a carís paint. Blackfire Bug Remover is formulated with a delicate, but effective formula that will be able to get the job done without damaging the paint in the process. Whether you are using it for maintenance or complete removal of a thick layer of insect debris, Blackfire Bug Remover can be diluted to assess any job you need it for. Blackfire Bug Remover can either be used before your washing routine to increase your debris removal capabilities or as a spot treatment to tackle the insect remains as they arise.

Insect remains are one of the most dangerous substances your carís paint will ever face. Bugs bodies are filled with extremely corrosive acids that will eat through your carís clearcoat quickly and leave very noticeable damage behind. It is crucial that these dangerous remains be removed as quickly and effectively as possible to reduce the amount of damage that is inflicted to your carís incredibly finite clearcoat. Blackfire Bug Remover is formulated with extraordinarily strong cleaner agents that work on the microscopic level to ensure that every last bit of the corrosive bug remains are eliminated entirely.

Removing bug debris takes a very chemically strong product to be able to do so effectively. This means that a lot of bug removers can be just as dangerous for your paint as the acidic bug remains it is trying to remove. Blackfire Bug Remover was created with cleaner agents that are proven to be gentle on your paint and wonít cause any collateral damage while removing the insect debris from your carís delicate paint. Not every insect removal job you work on is going to require a full-strength bug remover to properly tackle the collection of bug remains. While Blackfire Bug Remover will not damage your paint at any concentration level, why use more product than you need to? Blackfire Bug Remover allows you to save more of your product when full strength isnít necessary by being dilutable to any level you require.

You can either use Blackfire Bug Remover as spot treatment product to take care of the treacherous insect particles as they pop up. You could also use Blackfire Bug Remover before your weekly wash to break up the build-up of debris and make it easier to wash off using your choice of washing apparatus.


For spot treatments: dilute Blackfire Bug Remover 3:1. Spray the product directly onto the surface you are treating. Allow the product to dwell on the surface for roughly 30 seconds. Wipe the remaining a clean microfiber towel or rinse it off with a strong jet of water.

For pre-wash: dilute Blackfire Bug Remover 3:1. Spray the product directly onto the affected surface. Proceed with your usual washing routine.

32 oz.

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