BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker - 32 oz.

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Block out bug damage!

BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker is an advanced formula designed to block bugs from even sticking to your vehicle's surface – completely preventing them from marring your perfect finish and potentially causing more serious damage as they break down. Going on a long road trip? Apply a temporary layer of BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker to keep as many at bay as possible, and then remove the ones that got through the barrier as soon as you arrive quickly and easily – bug-free is the way to be! Bug removal is the bane of any detailer's (and car owner's) existence. They're easy to stick on, but a pain to get off and if left untreated, can cause damage that costs a lot to repair. By using the BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker, you're taking out an “insurance policy" on keeping your paint clean. This temporary layer of protection stops the bugs from sticking – and if they do, removal is a breeze! BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker is not a paint coating (check out the BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating if you need one of those!), but it does provide an additional layer of temporary protection, ensuring your paint can remain pristine. BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker features:
• Simple application – Applying a layer of BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker is as easy to spraying it directly onto the surface, allowing it to dry, and buffing off – no complicated cure times and temperatures required!
• Complete protection – Just one layer of BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker provides enough protection to get you through a lengthy road trip, a week of daily driving (have you seen lovebug season in Florida?) and more!
• Easy Bug Removal – While BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker keeps insect remains from sticking too hard to the paint, you will have to remove the few that stay. Thankfully, this is as easy as a quick wash or wipe down using a waterless wash or detail spray! Directions for use:
• All surfaces should be dry before application.
• Spray BLACKFIRE Bug Blocker directly onto the vehicle's surface. Spread evenly with a foam applicator and allow product to visibly dry before driving.
• For best results remove BLACKFIRE Bug Remover within 48 hours of application by washing the treated area.
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