Absorber XL Drying Towel - Blue

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The Absorber XL drying towel is a unique drying towel that is so absorbent, you won't believe the results! This synthetic version of the timeless chamois outperforms by absorbing 50% more water than its predecessors, leaving your vehicle spotless and dry. The Absorber XL drying towel is the perfect solution to an age-old problem and its extra-large size means that it offers even more drying power than other drying towels! The Absorber XL drying towel truly lives up to its name! At 29 inches by 18 inches, this towel soaks up more water than other drying towels can dream of. Its large size makes it ideal for use on any car, truck, van, SUV, boat, or even a large dog! The Absorber XL drying towel is safe enough to use on nearly any surface—use it anywhere you'd ordinarily use a sponge, towel, or chamois. Keep one in the kitchen for spills! While natural chamois will break down quickly when exposed to chemicals, the Absorber XL drying towel is chemically resistant so it lasts longer—even grease and oil are absorbed with ease. Don't worry about complicated care instruction either, with the Absorber XL drying towel, a simple machine washing does the trick! This super-tough, super-absorbent towel will never lint, and can be washed and reused again and again. 29 x 18 inches
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