303 Multi-Surface Cleaner - 16 oz.

Item Description:

Effective surface cleaning stain removing formula

Leaves surfaces looking new with no streaks left behind

Designed for all water-safe materials

303 Multi-Surface Cleaner removes dirt, stains, and oil from fabric and vinyl convertible tops, but it also cleans carpet and upholstery! In one bottle, you get an outstanding convertible top cleaner plus a carpet and fabric cleaner so effective, it even works on outdoor furniture and awnings! 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner is versatile, safe, and very effective.

How does it work? 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner uses colloidal action to break up, lift and suspend particles so the stain can be easily wiped away. This is the same cleaning technology used to clean up oil spills! 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner encapsulates stain particles, even oil, to completely remove stains from indoor and outdoor fabrics, carpet, and vinyl.

Use 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner for tough spots or general cleaning. 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner can be used on any material that is water-safe!

303 Multi-Surface Cleaner removes:
  • wine
  • tea
  • coffee
  • berry juice
  • ink
  • oil
  • grease
  • mildew
  • rust
  • blood
Use 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner on:
  • boat seats
  • tonneau covers
  • rugs
  • sails
  • boat covers
  • patio furniture cushions
  • window awnings
  • vinyl convertible tops
  • fabric convertible tops
  • And More!

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