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Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate

16 ounces
Item#: PIN-400-N   
128 ounces
Item#: PIN-402-N   
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Item Description:

Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner produces a thing foam that clings to the surface
Foaming formula clings to the surface, maximizing dwell time.
Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner concentrate changes colors as it cleans!
Color-changing formula shows you that it's working!
Agitate the surface with the Speed Master Wheel Brush
Agitate the surface using your favorite wheel brush, like the Speed Master Wheel Brush.
Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner concentrate rinses clean, leaving your wheels shiny and glossy
Rinse thoroughly and towel dry the surfaec to prevent water spots.
Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate is a strong, yet safe, color-changing wheel cleaner engineered to rid any type of wheel from road grime, caked-on-brake dust, oil and contamination. Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate is very versatile. Because it has the strength of an acid-based formula, yet is safe for any wheel finish, you will never have to worry about using the wrong cleaner again. What’s more, Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate can be diluted 1:3 for light-duty washing and maintenance.

Sadly, your wheels are under attack. Each time you depress the brake pedal, you shower your wheels in red-hot brake dust. Almost immediately, the iron in the dust begins to oxidize and burrow into the finish. This creates a stubborn and ugly brown film. Organic materials, from the brake pads, coat the wheels in a filthy powder that quickly hides your wheels beauty. Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate is the only wheel cleaner you will need to keep any wheel looking great.

It‘s not just the brakes that are assaulting your wheels. The wrong wheel cleaners can permanently damage them. While your paint gets sprinkled with “rail dust” from iron in the air, your wheels get blasted with it. Most wheel cleaners use a harsh acid or strong alkaline solution to remove the contamination that prevents your wheel’s from shinning. Those harsh chemicals can strip or damage delicate wheel finishes, which is why you won’t find them in Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate.

Instead of using acids or caustic detergents to remove embedded iron, Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate utilizes the latest in material-safe, color-changing technology so that you can use this amazing cleaner on any wheel type. You can actually see this technology at work. Once sprayed onto the wheel, Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate will turn purple as it safely dissolves brake dust and iron fallout from your wheel and brake caliper.

Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate is formulated with powerful surfactants which cling to the wheel and penetrate dirt, grime and road filth. This high-foam formula allows common wheel sludge and organic brake dust to be washed away with minimal agitation. Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate is free of any harsh cleaners that could stain polished aluminum or fade anodized finishes.

You no longer need multiple wheel cleaners for different wheels. Because Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate is free of acids, alkalines, and strong cleaners, you can use it on polished aluminum, billet, chrome, clear coated, anodized, powder coated and matte finishes. This concentrated formula is strong enough to make quick work of caked-on brake dust when used full strength, or perfect for maintenance washing when diluted 1:3 with water. In fact, cleaning your wheels frequently with diluted Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate will keep them free of contamination and shining brightly.

Spray Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate onto cool wheel surfaces only. It is safe for any type of finish. Take your time spraying and make sure to apply it to the face, between spokes, into the lug recesses and into the barrel behind the spokes. Use Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate full strength to remove heavy soiling or caked-on brake dust. Dilute it with 3 parts water for light-duty and maintenance cleaning.

Allow Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate to change colors and run-off slightly. Lightly brush the face of the wheel, lug recesses and brake caliber with a Montana Boar’s Hair Wheel Brush. Use a Speed Master Wheel Brush to clean the barrels and behind the spokes. Rinse thoroughly with a strong jet of water.

Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate is Certified Made in the USA.


  1. Ensure surface is cool to the touch.  NEVER CLEAN HOT WHEELS.
  2. Spray cleaner directly onto face of wheel, in between spokes, and behind barrel.
  3. Allow cleaner to penetrate for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Agitate wheel using a combination of brushes.
  5. Rinse thoroughly.
  6. Dry wheel with a microfiber towel to prevent water spots.

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Product Reviews

Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Tampa Fl
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 2, 2014
It works just like the instructions said it would. Spray it on, wait a few minutes, wipe and spray it off.

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