Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner

Item Description:

Removes the most difficult brake dust from the most delicate surfaces!

Acid free and pH neutral is safe on all wheel finishes

Powerful cleaning agents change color as they melt brake dust away

Cleans most wheels without scrubbing

Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner removes heavy brake dust and road grime to reveal a sparkling clean finishTheir are few pleasures in life as rewarding as piloting down a twisty road in an advanced German sports sedan,  feeling the power of the brakes as they haul you down from Autobahn speeds. There are few tasks as daunting as cleaning the accumulated brake dust off the wheels when you are done. Wolfgang Über Wheel Cleaner is engineered clean the toughest brake dust from the most delicate wheel finishes quickly and easily. Wolfgang Über Wheel Cleaner changes color as it attacks brake dust so you can actually see it working.

Wolfgang Über Wheel Cleaner is non-acid and pH neutral. It will clean stubborn brake dust from the most delicate polished aluminum, painted, powdered coated, and anodized wheel surfaces. Powerful cleaning agents change color as they dissolve iron and metallic brake dust. Wolfgang Über Wheel Cleaner requires little to no agitation, even on neglected wheels!

Wolfgang Über Wheel Cleaner will remove the most stubborn brake dust from even the most delicate wheel finishes. It was designed to combat the heavy brake dust load of European sports cars, so it is perfectly capable of cleaning the wheels of any automobile. The powerful cleaning action prevails against the most severely neglected wheels.

Apply Wolfgang Über Wheel Cleaner to wheels that are cool to the touch. Working one wheel at a time, spray Wolfgang Über Wheel Cleaner onto the face of the wheel and behind the spokes. Allow it to dwell for 2-3 minutes, until the color change is complete. Thoroughly rinse  until the water runs clear. To clean severely neglected wheels, agitate with an appropriate wheel brush like the Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush or the 8” Boar's Hair Wheel Brush.

Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner is safe on all wheel finishes
Powerful formula dissolves brake dust
Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner changes colors as it interacts with brake dust particles!
It actually changes colors as it works!


16 oz.

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By Chris
Seattle, WA
The best of the color changing wheel cleaners
January 22, 2016
So far, this is my favorite of the color changing wheel cleaners. My favorite thing is that it foams up nicely when agitated with a good boar hair brush.

I've used in on wheels that were coated with Gyeon Rim and it didn't remove the coating.

I feel very confident using it on expensive, custom wheels such as BBS FI-Rs or HRE wheels.

Foams up nicely when agitated Great lubricity Very safe on expensive wheels Did not remove wheel coating None!
By Jeremy
Atlanta, GA
pretty good stuff
November 30, 2015
Everyone knows Sonax makes the best wheel cleaner but it's really expensive. This stuff is almost as good- really close- but you're often able to get it cheaper if you take advantage of being able to buy it in a larger size and get it on sale. Like everything from wolfgang, really good product.
works very well still pretty expensive, unless you get it on sale