Wolfgang Total Engine Cleaner

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Wolfgang Total Engine Cleaner is a revolutionary engine cleaning formula that eliminates engine grime without damaging sensitive plastics. This unique formula forgoes the cheap caustic chemicals of typical engine cleaners and replaces them with advanced German Chemistry that gets the job done safely and effectively. Wolfgang Total Engine Cleaner is a safer alternative to harsh engine cleaners.

Your engine will get dirtyóthatís a fact. While most modern vehicles do a decent job keeping the worst offenders at bay, time will inevitably deposit bits of grease, dust, dirt, and other grime throughout your engine compartment. A complete detail will include a thorough cleaning of the engine bay, but choosing a safe and effective product to use isnít easy. For years, caustic cleaners have been the norm, but they are not safe for you or the rubber and plastic components found under the hood. Wolfgang Total Engine Cleaner safely cleans your vehicleís engine bay to complete the look of your detail!

Wolfgang Total Engine Cleaner features advanced chemistry. Itís 100% phosphate and solvent free, making it safer than the average engine cleaner, and safer for the surfaces that you clean. In fact, itís safe for use on plastic shrouding, rubber hoses, cast aluminum components, air conditioning lines, and other delicate surface! And using Wolfgang Total Engine Cleaner couldnít be easieróa simple spray and wipe is all you need to get you engine bay clean!

16 oz.

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