Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel

Item Description:

High bonding polymers provide unbeatable gloss and protection!

Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel makes tires shine with an advanced polymer formula with UV blockers and ozone repellants. The penetrating tire protectant bonds to the rubber for long-lasting protection. Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel is the finishing touch on a flawlessly detailed vehicle!

The latest formulation of Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel takes advantage of cutting edge polymer technology to protect tires from rubber-aging contaminants, like dirt, ozone, and UV radiation. Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel blocks out UV rays to prevent drying, aging, and fading.

Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel is formulated to resist today's toughest environmental threat: ozone. Ground-level ozone is an air pollutant that is the main ingredient in smog. Ozone is destructive to many materials, including rubber. By regularly applying Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel, your tires will stay soft, supple, and dark.

Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel prolongs the life of your tires, conditioning and revitalizing them for up to two weeks, including a couple of washings! More than a tire dressing, Black Diamond Tire Gel keeps tire walls supple and hydrated to promote longevity.

Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel penetrates beneath the surface to give your tires a long-lasting true glow that lasts weeks rather than days. The dark, satin finish will last through rain showers and car washes. One 16 ounce bottle of Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel is equivalent to three or four 16 ounce bottles of spray-on tire dressing. Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel is an excellent value!

Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel consists of German super polymers, deep conditioning agents, and cutting edge protectants. This unique rubber protectant achieves spectacular results without relying on drying butyls, alcohols or petroleum distillates. No environmentally hazardous chemicals or additives go into Black Diamond Tire Gel. It is 100% biodegradable and safe on tires.

Maintain new tires and refresh older tires with high-bonding, non-slinging Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel. It delivers the clean, satin finish prized for show cars and collectibles plus the protection needed for daily drivers.

  1. Squeeze a thin bead of Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel across your foam applicator or tire swipe. Less is more!
  2. Apply a thin coat across the surface of your tireójust enough to moisten the surface is all you need. It will absorb and no sling-off will occur.
  3. Control the level of shine according to your preference. One light application of Black Diamond gives the optimal amount of shine for a well-dressed look that suits most cars. For less gloss, follow application of gel by wiping down with a clean dry towel. For a higher level of sheen, wait ten minutes then apply another coat. Repeat until satisfactory results are achieved. 
  4. Itís best to allow 30 minutes for the gel to cure. You will enjoy a beautiful finish on your tires that lasts for weeks.

16 oz.

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By Paul
Sonoma, California
The best I’ve tried
December 30, 2020
First I used rubber cleaner to get tires as free from dirt and old tire dressing. Then I put one coat of the Wolfgang lotion on with a foam applicator. After about an hour I did a second application which much improved the look. The next day I did a third coat and now tires are the way I like them . A few weeks will tell if it lasts as advertised. So far itís terrificódark and smooth with a semi-gloss look. Iím pretty sure that the next time only 1 coat will be necessary.
By Jason
Expensive but love it
June 15, 2020
Makes tires look like they should. Black and not too shiny like so many other products. I switched from Black Fire and find that Wolfgang holds up much better between details.
Black, not shiny tires. Holds up well. Pricey.
By Rich
Tire Gel
July 15, 2018
Easy to apply to tires and the shine last for about 2-3 weeks.
By Frederik
Gentofte, Denmark
Looks great, but short-lasting effect
May 22, 2017
Had great expectations for this product, given the very high quality of other Wolfgang products. Application is easy, non-greasy and it has a pleasant smell. Would rate its shine level somewhere from light to medium. However, the fresh look doesn't last much more than a week even in fine weather, which is disappointing. And yes, I thoroughly degreased the tyre walls before application.
By Michael
Lawndale, CA
Great Tire Gel
June 18, 2015
I use this on my car that is a garage queen. I like the looks of this versus anything else I use on my daily driver. It gives the tire a black look with the very slightest hint of sheen. Perfect for those that like the look of a new tire. Overall it's right up there with DP tire gel for me.