Wolfgang MetallWerk Concours Metal Sealant

Item Description:

Seal in the mirror-like shine on all polished metals.

Once you’ve achieved a mirror-like gloss, seal and protect polished metal surfaces with Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Concours Metal Sealant. This acrylic metal sealant eliminates any remaining polish residue for a cleaner, clearer shine that is protected from the elements.

Aluminum naturally oxidizes when introduced to air. A light layer of oxidation actually protects the underlying metal from further oxidation. When you remove this layer, you have exposed the aluminum to the air again. Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Concours Metal Sealant replaces this barrier with clear acrylic polymers. This metal sealant provides durable protection against oxidation while the shiny, polished aluminum shows through.

Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Aluminum Compound is a strong aluminum prepolish that powers through oxidation and discoloration on aluminum to create a smooth, uniform finish.

Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Concours Metal Sealant is the ultimate high gloss, all metal sealant. The water-based, acrylic formula is completely safe and nonabrasive on all types of metal: clear coated, painted, anodized, polished, and bare metals. The finish is crystal clear – never cloudy – on wheels, diamond plate, bumpers, trim, trailers, and much more.

Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Concours Metal Sealant locks in the shine you’ve created with Wolfgang MetallWerk metal polishes. Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Concours Metal Sealant goes a step beyond protection by removing any light residue that may detract from the metal’s shine.

A light cleaning agent lifts any remaining residue from the metal as it deposits a clear layer of polymer protection. Metal polishing can be a messy process, creating a lot of black residue. Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Concours Metal Sealant removes the last remnants of this residue to reveal the cleanest, most reflective finish.

Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Concours Metal Sealant is a must for daily drivers and trailers, anything regularly exposed to the elements. A brilliant shine can diminish in a short time without protection. Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Concours Metal Sealant leaves a slick coating that resists brake dust adhesion and repels dirt to maintain the just-polished gleam. You can expect 4-6 months of protection. When water no longer beads on the metal, it is time to reapply Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Concours Metal Sealant.

Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Concours Metal Sealant is formulated specifically for metal surfaces. It should not be used on glass or plastics.

Apply Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Concours Metal Sealant by hand or with a dual action or rotary polisher.

Seal in the shine of just-polished metal with Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Concours Metal Sealant.

Application by Hand:

  1. Wipe on a thin coat of Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Concours Metal Sealant using a foam or microfiber applicator pad. Apply the sealant to the entire area to be sealed.

  2. Allow the sealant to dry completely.

  3. Buff off the residue using a clean, soft Cobra Microfiber Towel.

Application by Machine:

  1. Place a Lake Country CCS Gray Finishing Pad or a White UltraFine Polishing Pad by The Edge 2000 onto your polisher. Set the maximum speed at 3-4 on a dual action polisher or 1000 on a rotary polisher.

  2. Pour an X of sealant across the pad and spread the sealant over the surface with the machine turned off.

  3. Turn the polisher on and spread a thin coat of sealant over the desired surface. Work in 2 x2 sq. ft. sections.

  4. Buff the metal using a Cobra Microfiber Towel or a Microfiber Bonnet.

16 oz.

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By Jason
springfield, VA
shines bright
October 10, 2017
will absolutely bring some pop to your metal. I use it exclusively for my stainless steel exhaust tip. Only seems to last a couple weeks though.
By Michael
Lawndale, CA
Great metal sealant
April 24, 2015
This is a fantastic sealant to protect that polished metal. I use it when I have polished my exhaust tips and other metal accents. It is nice and hydrophobic and lasts months on exhaust tips. It also removes any remaining metal polish residue that may have been missed. It adds even more bling to them.