Impressions and Reflections of Wolfgang Fuzion Pol

Impressions and Reflections of Wolfgang Fuzion Pol

Impressions and Reflections of Wolfgang Fuzion Pol

Impressions and Reflections of Wolfgang Fuzion Polymer Estate Wax
By: Will C. @ Autopia | 6-17-20

Detailers around the world are discussing the death of waxes, and today, we are going to prove them wrong. As the world of detailing becomes ever more complicated by multistage coating applications and advancing SiO2 products, the smell and vibrant shine of carnauba can be a trip of its own down nostalgia ally. Coatings are indeed the king of the durable protectants, but that doesn't mean it's the right choice for everyone. When it comes to paint care, every vehicle calls for a unique solution to fit its needs. Daily drivers that sit outside all day or clock high mileage may be best suited with a coating; while that supercar or classic that stays nested safely in the garage may call for something to accent its color tones just right. A wax can bring a warm, slick shine to the paint unlocking a new perspective of the color itself.

Wolfgang Fuzion Polymer Estate Wax creates its legendary gloss by harnessing the power of German Super Polymers blended in with white carnauba. This is also where the name comes from. The mixture of manmade and natural elements is “fused" to form a high gloss, high bonding wax that repels whatever the road can throw at it! Wolfgang Fuzion leave no compromise when it comes to performance or application. This premium wax applies with ease and won't stain or discolor any black trim.

Application is straight forward with no complex steps. Of course, you'll ensure that your car is washed free of any loose dirt with a high-quality wash such as the Wolfgang Auto Bathe and has been fully decontaminated if needed. Be sure to polish out any swirls or scratches as well for the best overall distinctness of image.

Load your wax applicator of choice with Wolfgang Fuzion and spread a thin layer across the panel. With most waxes on the market this would be the point where you would sit around and wait for the product to haze up. Well, not here. Wolfgang Fuzion can be removed immediately after applying to the surface. With a fresh microfiber towel start buffing away the excess product, then flip the towel and buff to high gloss.

PRO TIP: Many Wolfgang enthusiasts will put a base layer of Wolfgang's flagship sealant, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant, and top it with Fuzion for a mile-deep gloss that shimmers in the light.

Final reflection - Wolfgang Fuzion is a product designed to impress at every stage of use. From the scent that embraces you right after opening the jar, to the smooth buttery feel during application, and the seamless wipe on - wipe off application. Wolfgang Fuzion is, and will forever be a sensational blend of classic carnauba brilliantly paired with some of the finest polymer technology that Germany can offer.

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