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Wheel Woolies Boar’s Hair Wheel Brush

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Item Description:

Soft enough for delicate finishes, powerful enough for wheels

Natural feathered boar's hair bristles offer gentle cleaning power

Ideal on polished aluminum and other delicate finishes

Ergonomic and easy-to-use

The Wheel Woolies Boar's Hair Wheel Brush is the perfect brush for cleaning all wheel surfaces safely and effectively. Made with a soft, feathered boar's hair, the Wheel Woolies Boar's Hair Wheel Brush has the power to clean stubborn brake dust and road grime from any wheel surface. The boar's hair fibers will not scratch or dull delicate wheel finishes including polished aluminum or anodized.

Boar's hair is one of the most gentle natural cleaning fibers available. The Wheel Woolies Boar's Hair Wheel Brush's boar's hair has been feathered for additional softness and increased surface area. The densely packed fibers hold volumes of soap or wheel cleaning solution for safe-yet-gentle cleaning. The Wheel Woolies Boar's Hair Wheel Brush will not scratch the wheel's finish, unlike stiff wheel brushes that risk dulling the surface.

Use your Wheel Woolies Boar's Hair Wheel Brush to gently agitate your favorite pH-neutral wheel cleaner, such as BLACKFIRE Total Eclipse Tire & Wheel Cleaner. The feathered boar's hair bristles will work the cleaner against the most delicate surfaces safely. This makes the Wheel Woolies Boar's Hair Wheel Brush the ideal wheel brush on even the most expensive wheels.

Constructed of a durable polypropylene handle, the Wheel Woolies Boar's Hair Wheel Brush is easy-to-hold and comfortable to use. The ergonomic design allows for easy cleaning around wheel spokes, in lug recesses, and into the wheel's barrel between the spokes. Make wheel cleaning easy and effortless with the Wheel Woolies Boar's Hair Wheel Brush.

Made in USA

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Product Reviews

Wheel Woolies Boar’s Hair Wheel Brush
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Arlington, TX
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Soft but tough!
I purchased this brush to clean painted wheel surfaces. The soft bristles work great with Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax to thoroughly clean dirty wheels. I was impressed with the ease of use and minimal agitation required to clean painted wheels. The boars hair bristles haven't scratched or marred painted wheel surfaces. The handle material works nicely to prevent scratching when the brush contacts body surfaces. The bristles seem to be held in the handle very well. When I used it the first time, the brush shed some bristles; subsequent uses has resulted in minimal bristle loss.
Compact Soft bristles Manufactured well Low bristle loss with use Easy to clean
Wish it was cheaper!