Ultimate Waterless Wash Kit

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The Ultimate Waterless Wash Kit contains all the tools you need to wash your vehicle without a free-flowing water source! This is the perfect starter kit for you if you live in an area that imposes water restrictions, you like to keep your car clean no matter where you are, or you want t become more environmentally conscious without sacrificing your carís shine. The Ultimate Waterless Wash Kit includes Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Concentrate which contains all the cleaning power an lubrication you need to safely remove dirt without adding any swirls, along with the virtually indestructible Kwazar Mercury Pro + 1 liter Spray Bottle to dilute it in, and a few soft microfiber towels ideal for use with waterless washes!

The Ultimate Waterless Wash Kit Inclues:
Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ 22 oz. Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+
Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+is the safe, easy, an effective way to clean all of the surfaces of your car, truck or SUV without the use of a free flowing water source. With Ultima Waterless wash, thereís no mess, no rinsing, and no drying so youíll spen less time detailing and more time enjoying other things! Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ has been Boosted by Polycharger Technology so it refreshes that brilliant just detailed shine. It also adds protection from the harsh elements and harmful UV rays. Special highly lubricating agents encapsulate dirt and grime so that it is safely lifted and easily wiped away without scratching. Simply spray on, wipe off, and enjoy the shineóitís that EASY!
Kwazar Mercury Pro + 1 Liter Spray Bottle 33 oz. Kwazar Mercury Pro + 1 Liter Spray Bottle
The Kwazar Mercury Pro + 1 Liter Spray Bottle is designed to increase efficiency with every pull f the trigger. This heavy-duty bottle is resistant to virtually all chemicals so it will last longer than other bottles. The Kwazar Mercury Pro + 1 Liter Spray Bottle features a double-action sprayer, meaning you get twice the output of ordinary spray bottles and the adjustable nozzle ensures the perfect amount of spray gets directed exactly where you need it!
Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towels 3 x Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towels, 16 x 16 Inches
The Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel pairs perfectly with your favorite rinseless wash, waterless wash, quick detail spray, or spray wax for easy handling and a scratch-free finish. This thick and luxurious towel is designed to encapsulate dirt particles deep within its plush nap, carrying them safely off the paint without so much as a mark. Additionally, the large surface area of the Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel dissipates liquid sprays, leaving behind a streak-free finish.
Kit includes:
16 oz. Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ Concentrate
3 qty. Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel
33 oz. Kwazar Mercury Pro + 1 Liter Spray Bottle
This kit has a total retail value of $61.95 saving you $11.96!

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By Chris
Great Kit
November 22, 2018
I use waterless washes all the time and Ultima is one of the originals and still one of the best.Actually it works better then most washes I‪ve tried.I go through more towels with this product because they seem to get really wet a lot faster then with other products but it cleans really well and leaves a smooth slick surface.I have used this brand for years it‪s a great product and the towels are the kind I have used for years,very good towels I have some that are years old and still going strong soft as the day I got them.Wash them properly and they last for years.Overall this is a great kit.
Good value for the money with this kit Autopia has great customer service order with confidence None
By Donna
Naples Florida
Cleanest car
November 13, 2016
Love this product!! The absolutely best feature of this product is once you clean the car, it stays clean for about four times longer than water washes!! You just can't compare!