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The Ultima Favorites Kit has everything you need to achieve and maintain a spotless car both inside and out using the best products that Ultima has to offer. Featuring the popular Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ formula to clean the exterior, Ultima Interior Shampoo gel for the interior, and Ultima Paint Guard Plus to seal in the shine, this kit helps you keep your vehicle looking show room new, without lugging out the bucket and hose! The Ultima Favorites Kit even includes the towels you'll need to get started and the corresponding applicator pad for use with Ultima Paind Guard Plus+! The Ultima Favorites Kit Includes:
Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ 22 oz. Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+
Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+is the safe, easy, an effective way to clean all of the surfaces of your car, truck or SUV without the use of a free flowing water source. With Ultima Waterless wash, there's no mess, no rinsing, and no drying so you'll spen less time detailing and more time enjoying other things! Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+ has been Boosted by Polycharger Technology so it refreshes that brilliant just detailed shine. It also adds protection from the harsh elements and harmful UV rays. Special highly lubricating agents encapsulate dirt and grime so that it is safely lifted and easily wiped away without scratching. Simply spray on, wipe off, and enjoy the shine—it's that EASY!
Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel 22 oz. Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel
Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel is the revolutionary interior cleaning formula that is capable of safely cleaning leather, vinyl, plastic, carpeting, headliners, and fabric. Instead f filling your detailing shelf with a product for each surface, simplify the process with this safe and effective alternative. Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel Ultima Interior Shampoo Gel is safe for use on all of your vehicle's interior surfaces!
Ultima Paint Guard Plus 4oz. Ultima Paint Guard Plus
Ultima Paint Guard Plus is a wipe on walk away paint sealant that will leave you vehicle shiny and protected. Featuring Polycharger Wax Booster Technology, this long lasting paint sealant is among the longest lasting and easiest to apply. Ultima Paint Guard Plus creates a durable barrier against environmental contaminants like water spots, bug guts, bird droppings, road salt, and more!
Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towels 3 x Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towels, 16 x 16 Inches
The Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel pairs perfectly with your favorite rinseless wash, waterless wash, quick detail spray, or spray wax for easy handling and a scratch-free finish. This thick and luxurious towel is designed to encapsulate dirt particles deep within its plush nap, carrying them safely off the paint without so much as a mark. Additionally, the large surface area of the Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel dissipates liquid sprays, leaving behind a streak-free finish.
Kit includes:
22 oz. Ultima Waterless Wash Plus+
4oz. Ultima Paint Guard Plus NEW FORMULA
3 qty. Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel, 16 x 16
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