Get your car ready for spring!

Spring Car CareCongratulations, you made it through the winter! Now that the weather is nice, take the time to give your car some spring car care! Proper Spring Car Care is important as your car takes a beating during the winter months as it is subjected to salt, snow, road slush and many other hazards that can wear down your vehicle's protection. Without a thorough spring cleaning with quality car care products your car may end up with irreversible paint defects such as oxidation, clear coat failure and even rust.

    Here is a quick list of the steps we recommend taking when performing Spring Car Care:
  1. Clean Your Wheels & Tires
  2. Use the 2-Bucket Method to Clean your Car
  3. Decontaminate with Detailing Clay
  4. Perform Paint Correction (If necessary)
  5. Use Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish if no paint correction is necessary, this will remove road film and any remaining wax or sealant from the paint
  6. Apply Protection to the Tires and Trim
  7. Use a Wax, Sealant or Coating to Protect Your Paint
  8. Clean Your Car's Interior

Tires and wheels are easily the most difficult area of your car to care for. They take the brunt of the abuse from the road, and it will show! Here you will find everything you need to clean and protect your cars shoes!
From wash mitts, buckets, and car washes, this category has you cover for car washing!
Use Detailing Clay Bars to remove embedded contaminants!
Bug remains can cause damage to your paint quickly! Be sure to remove them effectively with dedicated bug removal products!
Create a stunning high gloss finish with a carnauba wax, maybe create mile deep gloss with a synthetic paint sealant, or fortify your paint with a ceramic coating, the choice is yours!
Remove scratches with a compound or polish!