Cobra Buff and Gloss Spray Wax Towel - 3 Pack

Item Description:

Apply perfectly even coats of your favorite spray wax for a high-gloss shine!

Purpose-built microfiber towel designed for applying spray waxes and sealants

Unique open-loop microfiber nap is ideal for easy buffing and removing streaks

Lightweight for easy handling and effortless application

The Cobra Buff & Gloss Spray Wax Towel is the ideal towel for applying your favorite spray wax or sealant coatings. The super-soft, open-loop design allows spray waxes to lay down in a uniform coat and prevents over buffing which can reduce the wax's durability. If you prefer the fast application and protection of a spray wax, use the Cobra Buff & Gloss Spray Wax Towel to achieve the highest and longest lasting shine.

Advances in surface care technology have improved the performance of spray waxes. Many more enthusiasts are using spray waxes by themselves to protect the paint or extend existing wax protection. The Cobra Buff & Gloss Spray Wax Towel compliments the application of your favorite spray wax or spray sealant by using an open-loop microfiber nap that lays down an perfectly even coat.

Both sides of the Cobra Buff & Gloss Spray Wax Towel are identical and purpose built. Traditional microfiber is very grabby which makes it ideal for cleaning but can reduce the effectiveness of applying a spray. Traditional looped microfiber can clean much of the freshly applied wax off before it can bond, reducing the wax's durability. The Cobra Buff & Gloss Spray Wax Towel solves this problem, and increases the spray wax's durability with its ingenious open-loop nap. Now you can lay down the thickness coat possible.

The 16 x 16 size and light design of the Cobra Buff & Gloss Spray Wax Towel is ideal for easy handling. Use this purpose-built towel with you favorite spray wax or sealant, such as BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond Polymer Spray. Machine wash with a dedicated cleaner, such as BLACKFIRE Microfiber Cleaner & Restorer and air dry to keep your Cobra Buff & Gloss Spray Wax Towel working its best for future quick detail sessions.

16 x 16

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By Garrett W.
Very Soft
January 18, 2021
They seem to be very soft and held up well on their first wash. Will most likely purchase more.
By Daniel
Oswego, IL
My favorite towel for detail sprays
August 10, 2018
Bought a 3-pack of these during a sale to try them out. I was pleasantly surprised! I normally use edgeless fluffy towels for detail sprays and spray waxes, but even the best ones can leave lint behind when they get saturated. These "buff & gloss" towels are the answer. Shorter fibers than my edgeless towels, but a tighter weave and very soft. These make the perfect towel for what they are intended for. I ended up buying more of them.
  • Very soft, same pile on both sides for 8 full wiping panels, no lint
By Philip
San Diego, CA
Lints a lot...
February 4, 2016
This is similar to the Blackfire towel but it's silk banded and not quite as thick and plush. However the fibers are longer and they seem to shed fibers quite a bit especially on glass and dry paint. Make sure the paint is evenly coated with QD or spray wax before buffing with this towel or else it'll lint. Nice towel in its own right though.
  • Soft and fluffy
  • Absorbs product nicely
  • Scratch free silk band
  • Sheds lint on glass and dry paint.
By Bob
January 13, 2016
nice product
By Ron
Jacksonville, FL
Soft as a Baby's Butt
June 10, 2015
If your vehicle could talk it would say it. After all your hard work cleaning your vehicle you want a towel that is soft enough to make your vehicle proud. I tried those ordinary micro-fiber towels and they scratched my paint, NEVER again ! I'll spend the extra $$$ for one that's really soft and I'm glad I found these.
  • SOFT
  • Haven't found any yet