Rupes 80-100mm - 4 Inch Microfiber Pads

Rupes 80-100mm - 4 Inch Microfiber PadsRupes Microfiber Pads are the shoes of your Big Foot Polisher. Designed to work with the large orbital movement of Rupes' Big Foot Series of Polishers, these microfiber polishing pads are loaded with innovations to give you maximum results. The Rupes Microfiber Pads are available in two sizes and two different colors to handle a wide variety of conditions.

Compared to traditional foam polishing pads, Rupes Microfiber Pads offer an increase in polishing power which reduces the amount of time you spend polishing. Like their foam polishing pads, Rupes color coordinated these microfiber pads to make choosing the right one easy. Use the Blue Rupes Microfiber Pad for heavy cutting and fast defect removal. Use the Yellow Rupes Microfiber Pad to restore depth and clarity to the paint.

Like every Rupes product, Rupes microfiber pads feature several unique innovations designed to increase pad life and delivery maximum results. In order to stand up to the high power and heavy stress of Rupes Big Foot polishers, Rupes Microfiber Pads are manufactured using a polyurethane resin which is injected into the area between the hook and loop material and pad's face. Because there is no adhesive, Rupes Microfiber Pads will not delaminate.

Rupes Microfiber Pads also feature slots which arc out of the center in a spiral pattern. These innovative spiral spots are engineered to calibrate the weight of each pad so it works in harmony with the large-stroke Big Foot Polishers. These slots also dissipate heat and help maintain a working film of polish on the surface.

The Rupes Microfiber Pads are available in two different colors:

Rupes Blue Microfiber Cutting Pad
The Rupes Blue Microfiber Cutting Pad features a short and dense microfiber pile to remove swirl marks, scratches and oxidation from any color and type of paint. For maximum cutting power use the Rupes Blue Microfiber Cutting Pads with Rupes Zephir Gloss Coarse Gel.

Rupes Yellow Microfiber Finishing Pad
The Rupes Yellow Microfiber Finishing Pad features a long, soft microfiber nap that is perfect for removing swirl marks and holograms from your vehicle's paint work. Use these pads with Rupes Keramik Gloss Fine Gel to restore depth and clarity to all colors and types of paint.

Use the 80/100 mm (4 inch) Rupes Microfiber Pads on the Rupes LHR75 3 Inch Pneumatic Random Orbital Polisher, Rupes LHR75E Mini Random Orbital Polisher, or any orbital polisher with a 80mm (3 inch) backing plate.