Poorboys World Bird Sh-t Remover 16 oz.

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A product that lives up to its name!

Fast and safe way to remove fresh bird droppings

Also removes bugs, sap, salt, and fresh road tar

Use on paint, glass, plastic, vinyl, and more

Birds are evil! Make no mistake, they fly through the air, armed with highly acidic bombs, searching for shiny paint to bombard like a squadron of B-52s unleashing Armageddon. Poorboy's World Bird Sh#t Remover is a specially formulated cleaner that safely removes bird bombs from the paint before they can damage your finish. Like all Poorboy's World products you can use Bird Sh#t Remover in the direct sun to prevent that evil flock from damaging your pride and joy.

Bird dropping are what the military classifies as �dirty bombs.� They will not damage your paint immediately. Give then enough time, however, and the results are disastrous. The acidic nature of bird bombs will dissolve existing wax protection and begin to eat away at a variety of finishes including your paint, plastic, and trim. Poorboy's World Bird Sh#t Remover is high-lubricity quick detail spray that has been blended with special cleaners that neutralize bird droppings. This powerful cleaning formula will leave your existing wax or sealant protection intact!

Simply spray Poorboy's World Bird Sh#t Remover directly on the offending bird bomb and allow to dwell for 5 seconds. Gently wipe away with a plush microfiber towel. If the bird bomb has been sitting for an extended period allow Bird Sh#t Remover to dwell longer, up to one minute, to break down the existing bomb and loosen the residue, then wipe away.

The next time you see a squadron of birds circling overhead in attack formation, grab a bottle of Poorboy's World Bird Sh#t remover, sound the alarm, and be prepared for battle. Keep a bottle in your car for maximum protection at all times.

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By Emilio
Works bit a little effort
September 17, 2019
Works but with a little effort.
Situation: White tri-coat pearl white car. Come back from vacations and there is a very large avian poop baked in at over 90 degrees for about two weeks. Normal cleaning products left the baked-in base.
Tar removal didn't work.
Ordered this product. A week later I was able to try it.
The recommended spay, wait 5 seconds and clean of course did nothing to this.
Plan B: Left a soaked rag for a few minutes, some elbow grease using a cotton rag, try again soaking it. About 20 minutes later or so of this back and forth, finally removed it.
Not a trace left.
Very happy that didn't have to polish it away.
It doesn't smell too bad actually.

For other droppings that were not backed in, I was able to clean them off with no effort.

Me: I'm not a professional nor very devoted to my cars, but I like to keep then in good condition.
  • It gets the job done, with a little effort
  • Not as simple as advertised but works
By John
Anchorage, AK
Saved me once
April 18, 2018
Bought a sample, drove to NC from GA for National Guard duty, full weekend of great weather, 03 Sonic Blue Lightning still looking great, 5 miles away from home in GA, the largest bird i've ever seen decided to relieve its self all over my hood and windshield. got home, grabbed the sample and went at it. cleaned it all up and left no smearing or residue. Smelled great too, absouletly love this product now.
  • IT WORKS. no residue left behind, doesnt smear or remove any LSP.
  • None
Northeast OH
For the price, it's a keeper.
January 27, 2017
This is something that, while not used in volume, is definitely something to keep on the shelf to take care of those unfortunate incidents that seem to occur soon after washing/detailing your vehicle. Not sure what's in it but it seems to soften/break up hardened Bird Sh*t better than a QD, and seems to leave nothing behind to affect whatever LSP might be on the car.

Was using a rinseless wash in QD dilution and the PB stuff seems to work better/quicker.
  • Price
  • Effectiveness
  • Doesn't compromise LSP
  • None, really
By Mark
Salem, UT
Must Have
August 23, 2015
Just one of those things an enthusiast needs in his arsenal.
  • Works as expected.
  • None
By Shane
Canton, MI
Great thing to have on hand
September 6, 2014
Keep this in your glovebox with a couple microfibers and youre all set. Works as advertised and is even good for a chuckle from people who ask what youre doing.

Kinda smells like toothpaste or mouthwash