Pinnacle Onyx Trim Restorer

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Restores weathered and faded plastic trim

Not a cover up Ė produces a dry matte finish

Made without the use of silicones or dyes

Pigment based formulation

Say adios to oxidized trim

Pinnacle Onyx Trim Restorer was developed to restore weathered trim back to its original dark luster. Formulated with pigments that penetrate deep into the pores of plastic trim, Pinnacle Onyx Trim is a true restoring product, not a greasy coverup. Pinnacle Onyx Trim Restorer products a dry, matte appearance brandishing rich, dark attributes.

RESTORES! Returns even the most oxidized trim back to its former glory.
Active ingredients carry Pinnacle Onyx Trim Restorers pigment rich formula deep into the pores of plastic to deliver a beautiful matte finish.

RICH FORMULA! Packed with pigments, Pinnacle Onyx Trim Restorer isnít a coverup.
By creating a pigment rich formula, Pinnacle Onyx Trim Restorer brings back the dark color of your trim to a like-new appearance. No silicones or dyes that easily mask oxidation, Pinnacle Onyx Trim Restorer is a true chemical restorer.


  • Shake well.
  • Working on a clean, dry vehicle out of direct sunlight, add a pea-sized amount of product to a foam applicator.
  • Spread Pinnacle Onyx Trim Restorer evenly along exterior trim.
  • Work product into trim to form a thin coating.
  • Buff off any excess product with a clean, dry microfiber towel.
  • Repeat application every 4-6 months for optimum results.

8 oz.

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