Product Review and Application - Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner

Product Review and Application - Pinnacle Advanced Tire CleanerProduct Application Guide: Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner
By: Will C. @ Autopia | 11-8-18

Introduce your tires to the pinnacle of clean, with Pinnacle Advanced tire Cleaner! The formulation of Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner penetrates deep into the pores of the tire to remove everything from old tire gels to dirt and road grime. The powerful formulation is safe for any kind of tire and wonít discolor . In fact, Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner will remove the discoloring or browning that affects most tires. If you are in search of a more effective tire cleaner, your search is over!

Product Application

Has tire contamination caused your car to lose its luster? Dirty tires can completely kill the ďwowĒ effect of a well detailed vehicle and letís be honest, as detailers, that just isnít acceptable. Unfortunately, most available tire cleaners only scratch the surface of the cleaning power needed to effectively remove this contamination, until now! Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner uses an advanced formulation to penetrate deep into the pores of the rubber to remove everything from road grime to old tire dressings!
Browning on tires is a common problem and is normally caused by contamination like road grime embedding into the pores of the tire. This effect can also be increased by older tire dressings or gels that have dried out and are now just adding to the discoloration. While many detailers loathe tire care, with the right tools, this can be quite an easy task. Now letís see how easy Pinnacle makes this neglected tire look like new again!
Start by spraying a moderate amount of Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner directly onto the tire and allow to dwell for 30 seconds. During the dwell time, Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner starts working its way deeper into the tire's porous surface and will start to eject the embedded contamination that has built up over the miles.
One major benefit is most of the work is done for you by, you guessed it, the advanced formulation of Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner! However, you will need to add some mechanical agitation to truly deep clean your tires. Be sure to have a stiff bristle brush like the Low Profile Tire Brush or the Speedmaster Tire Brush on hand to handle it.

Personally, I like to let machines do the dirty work, so I used the Mighty Mini Polisher paired with the Aqua bristle brush. Using a system like this far surpasses the hand scrubbing, no matter how good you may be.

Last but not least, be sure to rinse thoroughly! Since Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner is designed to provide a deeper clean for the tire, youíll want to make sure youíve got it all out. If youíre working with tires that have been seriously neglected, you may need to multiple applications.

If you plan on using a tire coating in place of a gel or dressing, be sure to clean the tires until all browning has been removed. If any contamination is still coming out of the tire while youíre cleaning it, then it is not completely clean. If the contamination has not been fully removed, it will interfere with the bond of the tire coating.

Thatís it! Your tires have now been introduced to the pinnacle of clean! All thatís left if to choose a tire gel, dressing, or coating to seal in your fresh new look!

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