P21S Polishing Soap

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P21S Polishing Soap cleans metals without harsh abrasives or the irritating smell. P21S Polishing Soap is water-based and safe on all metals. P21S Polishing Soap makes maintaining metals easy and even pleasant!

P21S Polishing Soap Safely Polishes All Uncoated Metals
P21S Polishing Soap creates a thick, rich lather that removes oxidation and road grime.


Use P21S Polishing Soap on:

  • Metal bumpers
  • Gas tanks
  • Running boards
  • Diamond plate
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Glass cook tops

P21S Polishing Soap produces a brilliant shine and the process of polishing metal is neater. It's just like using soap! P21S Polishing Soap produces a lather that removes greasy grime and tarnish without hard scrubbing.

To use P21S Polishing Soap, wet the included sponge, drag it across the soap and squeeze to lather. Rub the desired surface until a shine appears.

Use P21S Polishing Soap anywhere you would use a metal polish for dramatic results.

10.6 oz.
Made in Germany

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