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Optimum Microfiber Compounding 3.25 inch Pad

3.25 inches
Item#: OPT-21434   
5.25 inches
Item#: OPT-21472   
6.25 inches
Item#: OPT-21496   

Item Description:

Optimum Microfiber Compounding 3.25 inch Pad

Flexible, thicker foam backing.

Microfibers spread compounds evenly.

Durable and machine washable.

The Optimum Microfiber Compounding Pad eliminates medium to heavy swirls on auto paint. The microfibers spread polishing abrasives evenly over the curves and contours of the vehicle. The variable surface of a microfiber pad enables more leveling action with every pass of the polisher.

Optimum Microfiber Compounding Pads are made with a new, advanced laminating system that ensures the pads will not separate or delaminate. Thanks to this feature, you can use these pads with your rotary polisher.

Every pad is made with reticulated, open cell foam backing that reduces heat and provides generous cushioning between the polisher and the paint. The foam provides excellent flexibility. The foam backing is stiffer and thicker than the polishing pad to offer greater heat resistance.

All Optimum Microfiber Pads are machine washable. Use them with Optimum polishes to restore the optimum shine to your vehicle!

Made in USA
Single pad.

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Optimum Microfiber Compounding 3.25 inch Pad