Nextzett Colourtec Wheel Cleaner - 16.9 oz

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Changing colors shows that it is working!

Safe on almost every wheel style!

Will destroy brake dust as colorful as possible!

Cleans wheels faster, saving you time!

Mesmerizing color changing formula!

Nextzett ColorTec Wheel Cleaner will eliminate built up brake dust, dirt, and road grime from all types of factory and aftermarket wheels while making it as fun as possible- by changing colors! Nextzett ColorTec Wheel Cleaner is designed with an advanced, fast acting formula that will lift brake dust and foreign contamination off the wheels, making it a super easy job bring your wheels back to life!

Painted? clear coated? Chrome? Polished aluminum? Nextzett ColorTec Wheel Cleaner is safe for all different types of wheel finishes! The advanced formula is made to start breaking down brake dust at point of contact. Making it faster and easier to clean your wheels.

Nextzett ColorTec Wheel Cleaner takes the pain and suffering out of wheel cleaning and makes it simple, easy, and colorful! When complimented with a quality brush, like the Speed Master Wheel Brush, Nextzett ColorTec Wheel Cleaner will remove even heavier brake dust, road film, dirt and grime, without compromising the delicate finish on the of the wheel itself.

Not for use on powdered coated wheels.

DIRECTIONS: Apply generously to dry or pre-rinsed wheel rims. The formula will change color during the cleaning process. When the cleaner turns purple, the wheel rim has been decontaminated and can be rinsed clean with a strong jet of water. For extremely dirty wheels, some application with a wheel brush may be necessary. Use only as directed. Warning: Rinse wheels thoroughly to remove any remaining cleaner residue especially around brake components.

16.9 fl oz. (500 ml)

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