Nanoskin Bubble Bath Wash and Shine Shampoo 16 oz.

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Does your ride have the dirty car blues? Give it a bubble bath with Nanoskin Bubble Bath Wash & Shine Shampoo. This high lubricity car wash safely protects your paint with a mountain of suds, allowing dirt, grime, and oil to float away without scratching. Bubble Bath is a thick, gel like car soap that is highly concentrated. Only one ounce of Nanoskin Bubble Bath Wash & Shine Shampoo per gallon of water is needed for a volume of rich suds. Bubble Bath Wash & Shine Shampoo rinses away completely leaving your paint with a high-gloss shine. Nanoskin Bubble Bath Wash & Shine Shampoo is excellent when used as hand wash, yet is powerful enough to be used in automatic car wash systems. Rinse your car first to flush away as much dirt and grime as possible. Mix ounce of Nanoskin Bubble Bath per gallon of a wash bucket. Fill a second, rinse bucket with water. Place a Grit-Guard ® Insert in the bottom of each bucket for maximum protection against swirl marks and scratches. Using a soft wash mitt, apply a large volume of Nanoskin Bubble Bath to the paint and lightly wipe. Rinse clean. Wash and rinse a section at a time, periodically rinsing the wash mitt out in the second bucket of water. Continue until your entire car is clean. Dry immediately. 16 oz.
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