Meguiars D140 Wheel Brightener 1 Gallon

Item Description:

Meguiars Detailer D140 Wheel Brightener 1 Gallon

Acid-based wheel cleaner for chrome, factory painted and clear coated wheels

Removes caked-on and stubborn brake dust quickly and completely

Dilutes with up to 4-parts water to create 5 gallons of solution

Tough enough to tackle the dirtiest wheels with ease!�

Meguiars D140 Wheel Brightener is a strong, acid-based wheel cleaner designed for professional use on the dirtiest and most neglected wheels. In a professional environment, quick and high-quality results are a must, which is why Wheel Brightener eats through the toughest brake dust with record speed. This is a super concentrated wheel for clear coated, factory painted and chrome wheels.

Seconds after you apply Meguiars D140 Wheel Brightener to the wheel, it begins to dissolve brake dust, grime, tar and build up. Simply agitate the solution on the wheel and rinse completely clean to reveal wheels that are perfectly clean and much brighter. Meguiars D140 Wheel Brightener is a concentrate that can be diluted with up to 4 parts water, so you get sixteen 32-ouce bottles of wheel cleaner from just one gallon!

Meguiar�s Wheel Brightener is for professional use. Dilute as directed. Do not use on polished aluminum or anodized wheels. For severe accumulation of brake dust, use a wheel brush to agitate the wheel surface. Spray on and let sit for 30-45 seconds before rinsing. Wash one wheel at a time.

128 oz. - 1 gallon

(OSHA Compliant 32 Ounce Bottle and Sprayer Sold Separately)

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By Mark
July 16, 2019
Overal I would find a different product. Not worth buying the one gallon size
Works great but not worth buying such large amounts when a all purpose cleaner can clean most wheels just fine
ProsGet highly dirty wheels clean but if the wheels are that dirty most likely the vehicle won't matter that much to the owner
Consacidic, can be dangerous
By pj
Collinsville, VA
June 12, 2019
Meguiars wheel brightner
Does good on wheels
By David
Glen Ellyn, IL
March 20, 2019
Strong but possibly dangerous
Extremely effective on beat wheels, removed stains and brake dust with relative ease. Recommended on painted or OEM finished wheels as the acid can etch and stain unpainted aluminum. Also try not to breath it in as you spray as it€™s not healthy to inhale. In saying that it does have a clean cherry scent
ProsVery effective Clean cherry scent Melts brake dust and deep staining
ConsCan be harmful to user and some wheels
By Usman
October 9, 2018
Best Wheel Cleaner on the Market!
Thoroughly enjoyed using this wheel cleaner. I've used many different brands, and not a single one of them could clean as QUICKLY & EFFICIENT as this one! Used these on BMW Alloy wheels recently, which are infamous for building up tons of brake dust very quickly, and I was amazed at how quickly it reacted to the brake dust without even agitating them. Even cleaning the brake dust behind the rims is not a problem at all for this cleaner. Truly amazing stuff! Just make sure you wear a mask and some eye wear protection!
Pros+ Super effective compared to anything else on the market + Reacts to brake dust very quickly + Even diluted 4:1, it is extremely effective, making this a very good investment + Rims will not require as much agitation with this
Cons- Absolutely need mask and eye wear; not necessarily a con but more like common sense - Really wished it would work on aluminum rims! Nothing on the market is as good as this! Seriously!
By Julio
Dickinson, TX
August 8, 2018
Wheel Brightener
Great product for baked dust wheels get the job done, 1 gallon can make 16 32 ounces bottles cost effective, highly recommended
Proscan be used on factory painted wheels clear coated wheels chrome wheels
Conscannot be used on all types of wheels like polish alluminun and anodezed wheels
By Steve
Northbrook, IL
July 30, 2018
Easily the best!
Best item I have found to clean caked on brake dust from German cars.
Amazing results
ProsDid not damage wheel finish at all.
By Ash
July 13, 2018
Best Wheel Cleaner
I ahve used the meguiar's wheel brightener for a long time now and haven't had any complaints about it. Its the best thing you can buy for you money. I have two-three bottles ready everytime I have to wash my car or others. Hands down the best wheel cleaner.
Prosdilute 4:1 and get best results on any type of wheel. It really cleans up brake dust really well and doesn't stain the wheel at all.
By Otto
Southwest Ranches, FL
January 22, 2018
Meguiars D140
Best wheel cleaner for maintenance, not only performance but price. Have been using it for a while now, tried others and I just keep coming back to this. Use iron removers just once a month to avoid caking.
ProsPrice Performance
By Robert
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
April 25, 2017
My 'go to' for Rims
If you have a car with large brake calipers that creates a lot of brake dust then you are going to need something with a little bite to help do the heavy lifting. I am not a huge fan of the Iron X type products for tires. They stink and I don't think they are as agressive as the Meguiar's Wheel Brightener. I have used Wheel Brightener on many rims without issue. The scent is much better than any of the Iron based products and the price point kills all of the other Iron-X based product. This product works great and I highly recommend it
Pros- removes caked on break dust with relative ease - smells much better than all of the Iron removal based products - dilution makes this product very affordable
Cons- I have not had any problems but this product is not good for more delicate rims
By Don
Williamson, NY
November 5, 2015
Very strong wheel cleaner
First I want to say, Be careful using this on wheels you are not sure of. at 10:1 it will still ruin bare aluminum wheels.

Great cleaning ability on nasty caked on wheels. Wear a mask of some sort, work in a ventilated area, wear gloves and eye protection for SURE.
ProsCleans great, many dilutions to suit your needs.
ConsAcid and very strong, not for amateurs.
By Michael
San Bruno, CA
December 19, 2014
For neglected wheels
I use the Non-Acid version for my own cars but use the very strong Wheel Brightener's when I am lazy to scrub or when cleaning other cars. Great stuff but may be harmful to your skin.
By Wendell J.
Richmond KY
September 6, 2014
A must have for brake dust relief
Another great product from Meguiars, easy to dilute for light to heavy duty jobs, brake dust can be hard to remove, this product takes care o f that problem, just spray on, let it dwell for a few minutes then agitate with a brush...I use the Daytona Speed brush...rinse and repeat if necessary.....
ProsGreat product, great value, does what is was designed to do....
ConsNot safe for all wheels....
By Jeff
April 18, 2012
Very storng
This is your product for caked on brake dust. It will melt it right off. For those neglicted clients cars this is the product you have been looking for. It is acid based so you need to use some caution when using this product.
ProsCleaning Price
ConsNot safe for all wheels