Meguiars D110 Hyper-Wash Concentrate 128 oz.

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Meguiars Hyper-Wash

There are 640 ready-to-use gallons of wash water in this one gallon bottle!
Meguiars Hyper-Wash works great in a foam cannon as the foam lasts an extra long time.

An outstanding dilution ration of 400:1!

One of the most satisfying experiences a car enthusiast can have is washing his or her vehicle. Watching that dirt just roll off the side panels amid thick white foam is one of the true joys of detailing. Itís a real shame when your suds quite before youíre finished washing. You probably find yourself using twice as much shampoo as the directions call for because you have to make more bubbles. Donít bother! Instead, fill your wash bucket with an ounce of Meguiarís Hyper-Wash and 5 gallons of water. The suds will last and last!

Meguiarís Hyper-Wash is a super-concentrated shampoo that has the unbelievable dilution ration of 400:1. There are 640 ready-to-use gallons of wash water in this one gallon bottle! Not only is that a great bargain, but the foam lasts an extra long time. Thereís no need to pour in more concentrate because your suds went flat. Hyper-Wash keeps going and going.

Meguiarís Hyper-Wash is a biodegradable formula. It safely lifts dirt and grime from your vehicle without affecting the washed surface or the environment.

Meguiarís Hyper-Wash is for professional use. Be sure to dilute it properly to ensure the safest, most effective wash your vehicle. To measure out just the right amount, use a ProBlend Bottle Proportioner. Itís a measuring cup that screws onto the top of a 64 oz or gallon bottle of concentrated cleaner. You can pre-set the desired amount and then squeeze the bottle to fill the cup. Flip the top and pour the measured amount into your wash bucket. Youíll always get the right ratio!

Whether youíre washing your vehicle or all the neighbors vehicles, youíll have enough car wash to go around. With a dilution ratio of 400:1, Meguiarís Hyper-Wash is the smart way to wash.

128 oz.

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By Reece
October 15, 2019
Fantastic product! Would recommend to anyone.
Hyperwash is a great soap for the price. With the dilution ratio of 400:1, you are basically spending around $0.49 per wash so this soap is a great for the price. It is also pH neutral so it is safe to use on coated vehicles!
ProspH neutral, economic, great slickness.
By Randy
Byesville , Ohio
April 29, 2018
Great value
This soap is a very good and economical 1 oz for 5 gallons works great in a foam gun, lots of foam
By Anthony J.
Aston, PA
March 30, 2018
Excellent Cleaner
Excellent car wash when used with foam cannon and affordable price.
By Eric
Staten Island, NY
October 15, 2017
One of my favs
Great buy, highly concentrated, foams great, cleans great, great price, one of my favs.
By Jason
springfield, VA
October 10, 2017
economical choice
great dilution ratio. Not a bad price for a gallon either... that's a lot of car washes. A great option for a professional detailer that works on a lot of cars. All aspects of this soap is great minus the smell.
Prosslickness suds rinseability high dilution
Conssmell only offered in gallon size
By Jason
Thorofare, NJ
May 12, 2017
The only shampoo you will every need
You would expect this kind of action from a shampoo costing 3 times as much. Meguiar's killed it with hyper wash. The concentration is off the charts. Nice and slick, rinses super clean, suds on top off suds. 1 5 gallon bucket will wash 2 cars with zero loss in the suds.
ProsUnless your a pro you will be giving the balance of this gallon to your grand kids
ConsOnly comes in a gallon. Please sell smaller bottles Meg's
By Christopher
South Williamsport, PA
December 7, 2016
My favorite wash yet!
Purchased Hyper-Wash a while back after looking for something that foamed/suds up well and didn't leave anything behind. I've used a lot of different washes, many of which contain waxes or other added ingredients that I'm just not a fan of especially when I'm looking to get a car as clean as possible before polishing. This stuff does the trick and at an affordable price!
ProsLots of foam/suds (good lubricity) Good cleaning ability Smells delicious
ConsNone that I can think of
By Paul
Watertown, Wi
October 4, 2016
never have to much.......suds
there can never be to much suds, and if this is your philosophy then is your soap just use no more than an oz in 5 gal or you will have less than a gal of water and the rest will be frothy foam
Prossuds and lots of em
Conscan you really have to much suds
By robert
Moncks corner, sc
September 14, 2016
Excellent product with lots of suds you can't go wrong with this item
By Bo
North Carolina
May 4, 2016
Good product
works great for cleaning tires.
By Michael
Lawndale, CA
April 24, 2015
Best Meguiar's Soap
I've used Gold Class, D11 Shampoo Plus, Ultimate Wash & Wax, Deep Crystal and this is by far the best soap from Meguiar's. Great lubricity. Cleans great. Very economical with a 400:1 dilution ratio. Works great in a foam cannon and in a 2 bucket wash. It has great suds that last the entire wash.
ProsSmells great Great suds Great lubricity Economical Works in a 2 bucket, foam cannon and foam gun
By Michael
San Bruno, CA
November 26, 2014
Great alternative to Gold Class
Been using Meguiar's Gold Class car shampoo for years and recently discovered this. Great lubricity!
By Keith
November 20, 2014
Great value with no compromises
I found this car wash works just as well as some much more expensive washes. I screwed on a metered pump so I don‚€™t waste when I add to the wash bucket. I never seem to be running out of suds.
Prosplenty of suds good value
By Tacket
September 7, 2014
Great value!
Highly concentrated, this soap is slick, produces lots of suds (if suds are your thing), works well in the foam gun as well as 2BM and rinses off easily. Has a light cherry scent. A great economical value and that fact that you use so little of it makes it feel overall easier to use too.
Pros- Cost - Cherry Scent - Rinses Easily - Nice suds
Cons- None
By wendell j.
Richmond Ky
September 6, 2014
More Suds for your buck
This is a great product, especially for the $$ dilution of 1 ounce to 5 gallons of water....that a whole lot of car shampoo !! Good cleaning ability and wont strip your wax or coating off
ProsGreat Value
Conscouldnt find anything wrong
By Rob
Fairfax, VA
September 18, 2013
Fabulous product
The amount of product you use, a half an ounce for 2.5 gallons creates a ton of suds. Rinses off very easily. Well worth the money for the amount of washes I will get.
ProsSo little product creates so many suds.
By PA D.
December 23, 2012
the best wash?
outstanding wash. amazing in the bucket and foam gun.
Proslong lasting foam. cleaning ability. lubricity.
By Troy S.
Dover, Ohio
April 14, 2012
D110 your one stop mutli-wash tool
D110 is a high foaming soap that is great for your foam gun or bucket wash alike. Out of a foam gun the foam clings to the body work nicely allowing it to work. IN a bucket wash it is very slick and cleans well. This would be great for everyone from your weekend enthusiast to your full time detailer.
Pros- High Foaming - Great cleaning ability - Rinses clean