Meguiars Mirror Glaze #4 Heavy-Cut Cleaner

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Meguiars #4 Heavy-Cut Cleaner

A powerfully aggressive cleaner that gently removes serious paint defects. If you need to tackle major paint problems--the worst possible stains, scratches, blemishes, and serious oxidation--this is the product for you. Developed to power out the neglect, Meguiars #4 Heavy-Cut Cleaner is designed to be used with a polisher. Note: Rotary buffers run at very high RPMs and should only be used by someone with rotary experience. Meguiars recommends #4 Heavy-Cut Cleaner be used only with a rotary buffer but you can also use a dual action polisher for excellent results.

#4 Heavy-Cut Cleaner is not for anything less than the worst stains, scratches, blemishes, and serious oxidation. #4 Heavy-Cut Cleaner has enough smoothing abrasives to repair such damage and restore the finish to a like-new luster. Although this is a very powerful cleaner, if used as directed, it is not harsh on anything but the problem.

Blemishes--banished! Many detailing professionals and automobile restorers turn to Meguiars #4 Heavy-Cut Cleaner. Itís been a trusted and preferred product for years. If you need to pull out all the stops to eradicate serious defects (not just cover them up) and your not afraid to apply a little bit of elbow grease, youíll find Meguiars #4 Heavy-Cut Cleaner will work wonders.

16 oz.

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