Meguiars Rotary Wool Cutting Pad

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Tackle severe defects!

Removes severe defects

Recessed backing for secure attachment

For use with your rotary buffer

The Meguiars Rotary Wool Cutting Pad has the power you need for eliminating tough defects in your vehicle’s paint. Featuring a deep, high-quality wool nap with a recessed hook-and-loop back, this pad will outperform others. Measuring in at 8 inches, the Meguiars Rotary Wool Cutting Pad provides a large surface area for big jobs.

The Meguiars Rotary Wool Cutting Pad is composed of four-ply twisted wool fibers that are 1 ¼ inches long. This provides fast cutting power capable of removing severe paint defects and sanding marks in painted surfaces. The absorbent wool fibers hold the compounding material and distribute it better than other pads can.

The 8-inch Meguiars Rotary Wool Cutting Pad fits securely to your favorite rotary buffer via the Meguiars W65 Rotary Backing Plate. Hook-and-loop attachment material keeps the pad in place, even at high speeds. The recessed design helps prevent nicks and marring on curved body panels and other contours.

Remove severe defects and sanding marks with the powerful Meguiars Rotary Wool Cutting Pad.

8 inches

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