Meguiars Mirror Glaze 47 Hard Water Spot Remover

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Removes hard water spots from fiberglass surfaces! Boats are made for water but that doesn't mean they are immune to it. All water contains minerals, which deposit themselves onto any surface. These minerals etch into fiberglass, glass, plastic, and metal if the water is not promptly removed. You're probably not going to towel dry a boat or an RV every time it gets wet, so hard water spots are bound to happen. Even if you can't prevent them, you can remove them with Meguiar's #47 Hard Water Spot Remover. Hard water spots are not just unsightly – they are tiny doorways into the gel coat. Once the gel coat has been breached, other contaminants can enter and accelerate oxidation. Before you know it, your boat or RV is covered in a white, chalky residue. Meguiar's #47 Hard Water Spot Remover will remove existing hard water spots and minerals with an easy–to-use formula. Unlike compounds or polishes, #47 sprays onto the fiberglass surface and wipes away effortlessly. It requires no polisher or rigorous buffing. The thick, low-drip formula clings to vertical surfaces like the side of your boat or RV. As it penetrates, it breaks down the mineral deposits chemically. There are no abrasives and the formula does not abrade the gel coat. The best part is that Meguiar's #47 Hard Water Spot Remover protects your boat or RV from future water spots with a slick, repellant coating. If you have hard water spots that are already etched into the gel coat, use Meguiar's #44 Color Restorer to polish out minor imperfections. #47 will remove mineral deposits to prevent etched water spots, but it is unable to remove spots that have already etched the gel coat. Always protect fiberglass with a marine wax, like Meguiar's Flagship Premium Marine Wax. It will provide an additional barrier between the minerals and the gel coat so the minerals are less likely to penetrate between details. Apply #47 Hard Water Spot Remover using a polishing pad on your Porter Cable 7424XP for the most efficient results. Work in small sections at a low speed. When the product starts to dry, stop polishing and buff away the residue with a soft microfiber towel. When you are finished polishing, toss your used pads and towels into a mixture of McKee's 37 Polishing Pad Rejuvenator and water. The strong citrus cleaner will release polish from the foam and microfiber to restore the texture and prolong the life of your detailing tools. Remove hard water spots before they remove your boat's gel coat with Meguiar's #47 Hard Water Spot Remover. Spray on and wipe off to remove minerals before they become a problem. 16 oz
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