Meguiars Plastic Care #10 & #17

Meguiars Plastic Care #10 & #17Both Meguiars #10 plastic polish and #17 plastic cleaner, are versatile products for a wide range of uses. they are commonly used on clear plastics in boats, airplanes, and automobiles, as well as dozens of household and professional uses. #17 plastic cleaner is the cleaner component of this combination. it safely and effectively gets the grime off the surface and pulls the dirt out of tiny hairline scratches, leading the way for Meguiars #10 plastic polish to add the finishing touches. it is an outstanding polish for all clear plastics--even the soft variety. the crystal-clear fillers in the polish fill in and round the edges of minor imperfections so that they seem to disappear. youíll never get a haze with either product. the level of clarity that you will achieve with meguiars plastic care combo is unmatched.

Get the most out of your Meguiars #17 and #10 by applying them with Motherís PowerBall. The professional grade foam tabs are perfect for restoring clarity to hazy plastic. Use the PowerBall with your drill or polisher to remove fine scratches, yellowing, stains, and haze from clear plastic convertible top windows, motorcycle windscreens, boat windshields and portholes, and headlight lens covers.

Each is an 8 oz. bottle.