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Marine 31 Spray Polishing Pad Cleaner

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Item Description:

Clean your pads for optimum results!

Easy-to-use spray breaks down polishing residues

Cleans oxidation, contamination, and abraded gel coat

Fast-acting formula works quickly on all pad types

Polishing gel coat and marine surfaces is a nasty business. Oxidized gel coat and mineral stains will quickly reduce your polishing pad's performance. Marine 31 Spray Polishing Pad Cleaner is the fast-acting solution for removing polish residues, abraded gel coat, oxidation, scale, lime, and wax from your polishing pads. Marine 31 Spray Polishing Pad Cleaner is designed to work fast so you have more time to enjoy the seas.

Marine 31 Spray Polishing Pad Cleaner is formulated to clean the nasty gunk and sticky gel-coat residues from your polishing pads. Polishing a boat, RV, or watercraft contaminates your polishing pad and quickly reduces its performance. Marine 31 Spray Polishing Pad Cleaner goes to work quickly, loosening grip of contaminants on the foam or wool fibers so you can rinse them away. Like all Marine 31 products, Marine 31 Spray Polishing Pad Cleaner is eco-friendly and harbor-safe.

Polishing pads that are kept clean have a longer life. Polish residues and chemicals remove extra space between these words or break down the polishing pad if left to dwell for too long. Spray Marine 31 Spray Polishing Pad Cleaner onto the surface of the pad and lightly agitate with a soft nylon brush, such as a Pad Reconditioning Brush. Rinse the pad with a stream of water or in a bucket until residue runs clear. Allow pads to dry before next use.

  1. Spray Marine 31 Polishing Pad Cleaner directly onto the face of the polishing pad.
  2. Lightly massage the product into the pad. Use a nylon bristled brush to lightly agitate stubborn deposits.
  3. Flush with water until residue runs clean.
  4. Allow pads to dry before further use.

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