Lake Country Exhaust Polishing Sponge

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Lake Country Exhaust Polishing Sponge is used with a metal polish to blast dried on soot and dirt off of your chrome and metal exhaust pipes. Manufactured using a special open cell design, the Lake Country Exhaust Polishing Sponge is safe yet effective when trying to polish your exhaust.

Lake Country Exhaust Polishing Spongeís unique open cell pattern will latch onto contaminants dried onto the surface of your carís chrome or metal exhaust tips and remove them without leaving behind minute scratches. This lets you focus on the finished product, and not the extra steps that come with sponge induced scratches.

Use Lake Country Exhaust Polishing Sponge with a dedicate metal polishing product, like Pinnacle Exhaust Cleaner & Brightener, for the best results possible. This winning combination transforms your dirty, unattractive exhaust tips into a shining example of what an exhaust should look like.

2 Pack

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