Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax - 128 oz.

Item Description:

Ceramic SiO2 formulation for enhanced protection

Increased durability compared to other spray protectants

Leaves a slick finish with intense beading capabilities

Streak-Free application

To keep the shine alive, just Bead-it

Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax is a SiO2 enhanced spray wax designed for superior performance with an effortless application. Perfect as a standalone protectant, or a boost of gloss and protection for your existing wax, sealant, or coating! Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax leaves a durable layer of protection in its wake to prevent damage from water spots and other environmental contaminates. Aside from protection, Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax creates a slick gloss and astonishing water beading properties.

Enhanced SiO2 Formulation! Part ceramic, part wax, all gloss!
Using SiO2, one of the main active ingredients in many ceramic coatings, Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax creates a durable layer of protection that produces gloss that isnít too common in a sprayable product. While itís perfect as a standalone protectant, Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax is the perfect topper to get the most gloss and slickness out of your coating!

EASY-TO-USE! Spray, Wipe, and Enjoy!
Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax keeps it simple when it comes to application. Spray, spread, and buff. Yeah, thatís it. Perfect for the detailer with limited time, but still looking for a great shine. In just minutes, you can cover your vehicle in a durable layer of SiO2!

USER FRIENDLY FOMULATION! No streaks, no smearing, just water beading!
Jescar didnít sacrifice performance for ease of use, they just made it work. The formulation of Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax produces a slick, glossy finish without the streaking or haze that can happen with SiO2 based products.


  • Apply to a clean, dry, cool surface such as paint, chrome, glass, metal parts and wheels.
  • For best results, eliminate scratches and swirls with Jescar polishing compounds prior to application.
  • Spray directly on surface or on a clean, microfiber cloth.
  • Wipe away evenly over sections to fully coat and protect.
  • Use a second dry, microfiber cloth to buff any remaining product until dry.
  • Avoid washing the vehicle for 24 hours to ensure longevity

128 oz.

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