Ultima Acrylic Spray Wax - 22 oz.

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Ultima Acrylic Spray Wax is a spray-on wax formula that creates a protective barrier between your vehicle and the elements. Featuring Acrylic Polymers that have been given the Ultima Polycharger Boost, this unique formula creates a slick and shiny surface that will keep your vehicle looking freshly detailed for longer in between washes. Ultima Acrylic Spray Wax protects against UV damage as well as common contaminants like bird droppings, water spots, road grime, and more!
A clean car is a thing of beauty, and once you've achieved perfection, you want to preserve it! It never fails that your clean car becomes a magnet for bird bombs, bug guts, and just about every other gross contaminants that Mother Nature can throw your way. That's why it's important to protect the surface after finessing it to perfection. Ultima Acrylic Spray Wax is perfect for adding a layer of protection to your vehicle without the hassle! Ultima Acrylic Spray Wax is an extremely hydrophobic formula that allows most contaminants to roll off with the first drop of water to hit the surface. This creates a self-cleaning effect that will keep your vehicle cleaner in between washes. The formula is free from petroleum distillates and abrasive powders so it's safe to use just about anywhere. A simple spray and wipe with Ultima Acrylic Spray Wax reduces water spotting and protects all of your vehicle's painted, chrome, glass, and trim surfaces. 22 oz.
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