IGL Ecoclean Wash

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Item Description:

Creates Lustrous Gloss Glossing agents in formulation enhance the vehicles appearance

High Dilution Formulation is diluted 1: 100 with water

Fresh Fragrance Blend of fruit and natural essential oils products a fresh, clean smell

Safe Formulation Formulation is free of NPE and is a non-toxic, biodegradable formula

IGL Ecoclean Wash is a water-based, zero VOC, shampoo that cleans your vehicle efficiently. It is formulated for coated and uncoated surface. The unique blend of surfactants deeply cleans and provides sufficient lubrication for dirt removal and maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle for a longer period.

Product Data

  • Dilution: 1:100 (water)
  • Carrier: Waterbased
  • pH: 7
  • VOC: 0gm/l

500 ml.

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