Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating

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Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating is a spray-on, buff-off paint coating infused with hydrophobic SiO2 properties for long lasting protective and shine-inducing properties. Designed for professional detailers that would like to step up their detailing offerings to their customers, as well as the detailing enthusiasts looking for quality paint protection, Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating is easy to use and provides a mirror-like shine on any colored paint. Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating features: • SiO2 & Synthetic Wax Blend – The hybrid formula of Hybrid Solutions Spray Coating provides a unique finish – by pairing the hydrophobic properties of SiO2 polymers with the intense shine provided by synthetic waxes, they Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating will sheet and bead water and provide long-lasting protection after just one application. • Easy to Use – Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating is uniquely formulated to be as easy to use as possible – in fact, this blend can be applied to your vehicle's surface in direct sunlight! Show us another SiO2-based protective product that does that! Simply spray on to a clean vehicle and use a clean microfiber towel to buff it away. Before you know it, your paint will be protected with Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating! Directions for use:
• Apply to a freshly washed and dried surface. Shake well before use. For best results, do not overapply.
• Apply 2 sprays directly onto the painted surface to be treated, working one panel at a time.
• Spread over the surface using a microfiber towel.
• Using a different towel, buff away to a high shine. A damp microfiber towel can be used to buff off to avoid high spots/streaking. 16 oz.
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